How Europe won the Ryder Cup

Live updates from the final day of the Ryder Cup.

How Europe won the Ryder Cup


Europe 16.5 USA 11.5 - Europe win

(Europe names first)

11.36 Graeme McDowell v Jordan Spieth - Europe win 2&1

11.48 Henrik Stenson v Patrick Reed - USA win by 1

12.00 Rory McIlroy v Rickie Fowler - Europe win 5&4

12.12 Justin Rose v Hunter Mahan - Hole halved

12.24 Stephen Gallacher v Phil Mickelson - USA win 3&1

12.36 Martin Kaymer v Bubba Watson - Europe win 4&2

12.48 Thomas Bjorn v Matt Kuchar - USA win 4&3

13.00 Sergio Garcia v Jim Furyk - Europe win by 1

13.12 Ian Poulter v Webb Simpson - Hole halved

13.24 Jamie Donaldson v Keegan Bradley - Europe win 4&3

13.36 Lee Westwood v Jimmy Walker - USA win 3&2

13.48 Victor Dubuisson v Zach Johnson - Hole halved

Europe have won the 40th Ryder Cup against the United States at Gleneagles.

The crowd to the right of the 15th green is incredible as the fans anticipate the crowning moment. Bradley, from the left rough, finds the heart of the green - but Jamie Donaldson knocks his approach stone dead!

The European celebrations have begun, McGinley leaping on Donaldson as the Welshman heads up the fairway, and any moment now it will be official. The two captains are in genial conversation as they head for the green. Donaldson’s composure is remarkable.


Sergio eagles 16 and takes a one-hole lead! He couldn't snatch the moment of glory, could he? The reverse-angle replay shows a huge Spanish flag going up in the gallery as the putt drops.


Sergio is back to all square and Westwood has pulled to only two down, but all eyes are on Donaldson and he hits the fairway at 15.

Judy Murray, mother of tennis star Andy and Strictly Come Dancing contestant, is taking a break from training for “Haggis, neeps n tattie pie at Gleneagles. Stunning venue for the Ryder Cup. Scotland at its finest”. The accompanying picture backs up those words.


Donaldson halves the 14th against Bradley and goes dormie four!! Barring anything out of the ordinary, the clinching half is in the bag and Europe will retain the Ryder Cup!


Poulter drops the 14th and is back to all square with Simpson in that crazy, topsy-turvy ninth game.

Zach Johnson finally takes the lead against Victor Dubuisson in the 12th match, winning the 11th hole having halved every one to that point.


Justin Rose says: “The Americans came out kicking early on but it feels like we actually got back in control,” he tells Sky. “I know Henrik happened to lose the last and if I’d lost at the last, I felt the momentum was swinging back their way.”

Reflecting on his own match, he adds: “I was fortunate on 18, Hunter had a tough up-and-down, went for the brave shot and it didn’t come off.

“From being four down, I just kept working my tail off just to get myself in the match. It’s half a point but it’s actually a full point in terms of the differential between the two teams.”

He also hails the Gleneagles crowd, but Kaymer sums that up best: “I took a pill for my headache before I came out because I knew from the last two days it was going to get really loud! It’s been one of the best Ryder Cups I’ve played in.”


Wow, a lot going on in that last entry! So the upshot of it all is that Europe need a point to win or a half to retain the cup, with the likely candidates Jamie Donaldson, four up with five to play on Keegan Bradley, and that man Ian Poulter, who leads Webb Simpson by one.

That was almost two, but the American holed out brilliantly from beside the 13th green for birdie.


Mahan wildly overcooks his pitch at the last and is off the opposite side of the green.

Gallacher concedes and Phil Mickelson wins 3&1. Europe 12 USA 8.

Matt Kuchar wraps up a 4&3 win over Thomas Bjorn. Europe 12 USA 9.

But Martin Kaymer chips in from the back of 16 to win 4&2 against Bubba Watson. Europe 13 USA 9.

And Mahan misses his putt and concedes – Justin Rose halves with Hunter Mahan. Europe 13.5 USA 9.5. Phew!


What a good Ryder Cup debut Jamie Donaldson's had, on the other hand. Two foursomes wins partnering Lee Westwood and now he's three up through 11 against 2011 US PGA champion Keegan Bradley. The Welshman has just reached that mark with an exquisite approach to two feet.

Gallacher’s second skips straight across the green and into the same bunker as Mickelson, having played a shot more. Not long left in that one – although Mickelson’s splash out is a way beyond the pin.


That's a second successive hole for Mickelson, and he goes dormie two against Gallacher. That means it's a winless Ryder Cup debut for the Scot but he's got nothing to be ashamed of today - he's bogey-free, three under par, and has just come up against one of the greats.

Not over yet, of course, with a half still possible, and Mickelson is in sand at 17. Gallacher, though, is off line to the right.


Reed only just misses a long putt at 18 - but he still wins the hole and the match as Stenson misses the target from inside 10 feet! Patrick Reed beats Henrik Stenson 1up - Europe 12 USA 7.


And immediately that changes as Mickelson wins the 15th against Gallacher to go one up with three to play.

Garcia, though, is back to all square as he holes a good birdie putt at 12 against Furyk.

PA’s Carl Markham notes on Twitter: “Not sure it counts as a concession already but USA’s Ryder Cup twitter account already promoting tickets for Hazeltine 2016.”

And an interesting stat on the same medium – Rickie Fowler, with three halves and back-to-back 5&4 losses, is the first player since 2006 to compete in all five matches in a Ryder Cup and not win any of them. And he hasn’t played badly, actually!

Watson does what he needs to at 15 but still trails Kaymer, dormie three.


So in the matches still out on course, Americans Mahan, Furyk and Walker are one up, as is Poulter for Europe.

Europe also have leads courtesy of Kaymer, dormie four, and Donaldson, two up through nine against Bradley.

Kuchar is three up for the States, while the matches between Stenson and Reed, Gallacher and Mickelson and Dubuisson and Johnson are all square.


Those fans lining 18 will get to watch some golf after Stenson halves 17 to take his match with Reed down the last all square.

Kaymer can’t win 14 but is dormie four against Watson.

No updates yet, you’ll have noticed, from Dubuisson v Johnson on the anchor leg - they’ve halved each of the first seven holes.


Just two points needed now, then, for Europe to retain the Ryder Cup, and one of them looks imminent as Martin Kaymer wins the 13th against Bubba Watson to go four up with five to play. He flights a lovely pitch into the next as well and Watson, short-sided by a bunker, sends his ball past the flag.

Ian Poulter, unusually, has gone under the radar today but has won three in a row to turn two up against Webb Simpson. Mr Ryder Cup is back! Simpson, though, hits back by winning the 10th – been a good battle, that one.


McDowell, tears welling in his eyes, tells Sky: ``I'm just relieved to get a point on the board, the captain put a big role on me and I'm happy to deliver.

“I had such a slow start against a great player. I just felt I hadn’t had enough course time this week, two foursomes matches – I just hadn’t seen the ball go in the hole enough.

“He missed put on seven to go four up and then we halved eight and nine in birdies, and I felt something in me start to turn around.”


Spieth knocks his first putt close - and McDowell's bunker shot hits the pin! It runs on a few yards, though, and leaves a testing putt - which he makes! Graeme McDowell beats Jordan Spieth 2&1!


While that was going on, Bjorn pulled a hole back against Kuchar - three down now - and Garcia holed a good one to stay one down against Furyk.

Good work from an American fan on the 16th tee, greeting Reed’s powerful tee shot with a cry of “Boom, baby!” – recalling, of course, Jeff Overton’s famous celebration after holing out from a fairway in 2010.

Spieth needs to win the 17th to keep his match alive and is on the green, but maybe a club short, after McDowell finds sand.

Meanwhile, remember that amazing Rose escape a little while back on 13? Martin Kaymer has just produced a near replica from the same spot! The spirit of Seve is firmly with this European team!


Spieth's conversations with his caddie (and his ball) are fascinating. Pitching on to the 16th, he says: ``It's gotta land short'', pitches to the spot he was aiming for, and then as the ball fails to run on, exclaims: ``Go, go - oh, how's it landed so soft?''

He’ll have to make the putt to win the hole, as McDowell’s first is to within not much more than a foot – and he’s just short. The hole is halved and Graeme McDowell is dormie two.


McIlroy made seven birdies and an eagle in his first 12 holes and was always in control, a breathtaking display by the world number one. He talks to Sky Sports straight after his round:

“It’s obviously very satisfying, I knew what was expected of me and knew what I expected of myself. I was probably more up for this day than the two final days of the majors I won this year, I was just so up for it, there was no option but to win.

“I played my best golf of the week, I started so well, six under through six holes, I built a comfortable lead and was able to hang on to it. I’m just gonna go now and cheer on the rest of the boys, and hopefully we can bring this thing home.”


The first point is on the board! Rory McIlroy beats Rickie Fowler 5&4! McIlroy didn't actually play that hole well, finding right-hand rough off the tee and unable to hack out on to the green, but Fowler missed a tough putt and conceded the match.


Reed hooks his tee shot at 15 into deep, deep rubbish down the left.

Donaldson drains a putt at seven and leads Keegan Bradley by two.

Spieth also in left-hand rough at 16, but the lie doesn’t look bad.

Mahan, needing to hole a pitch from off the front of 13 for a half, narrowly fails and is back to all square with Justin Rose.

Mickelson holes a good putt for a half and stays all square with Gallacher.


Spieth sends his approach left at the 15th. ``Hit softly,'' he urges, followed by ``Softer!'' as the ball bounds away down the slope. McDowell is on the green and near the flag. Spieth's pitch is very poor and opens the door and McDowell, with two putts for it, needs only one. Graeme McDowell two up on Jordan Spieth through 15.

A stunning escape shot by Rose at 13. From under a tree, behind a small bush and in shaggy grass he punches a truly ridiculous iron to about three feet! Shot of the weekend! He smiles into a television camera as he walks up towards the green.

One of Mr Reed's "endearing" fist-pumps.


Here's Kuchar's monster earlier.


Oh, Justin! Having done all that hard work, he misses from about six or eight feet to drop the 12th and fall one down to Hunter Mahan again.

Gallacher, though, knocks in that short one to go all square with Phil Mickelson through 11.

And Rory McIlroy makes birdie and is five up on Rickie Fowler!


A good putt from Spieth to stop the rot, but McDowell halves the 14th to hold on to his hard-won lead.

No sooner is Gallacher’s approach in the air at 11 than an American spectator shouts “Go Phil”. Thanks for that. Gallacher, pleasingly, plonks his ball just a few feet from the pin.

Stenson and Reed both go at the driveable green on the par-four 14th, Stenson just about on the fringe and Reed in a friendly enough run-off area back left.


And in the midst of that rush of action, Kuchar holed his approach at the eighth to go three up on Thomas Bjorn. Shot of the day, there, from the American.

Stenson pulls a hole back after Reed narrolwy misses a long putt. Patrick Reed one up on Henrik Stenson through 13.


Plenty of twists and turns in game nine, Simpson taking the lead for the third time. Webb Simpson one up on Ian Poulter through six.

Bradley and Garcia fall behind after missing short putts. Jamie Donaldson one up on Keegan Bradley through five. Jim Furyk one up on Sergio Garcia through seven.

Gallacher shows them how it’s done with a long putt to pull a hole back – Phil Mickelson one up on Stephen Gallacher through 10.


Spieth races his pitch past the hole, giving McDowell two putts for the hole. The first shaves the hole and a concession leaves Graeme McDowell one up on Jordan Spieth through 13.

Four in a row for G-Mac, then, and the same for Rose meaning he’s all square with Hunter Mahan through 11. Magnificent recovery from those two.

McIlroy has been quiet for a while but the 12th hole sucks in his mid-range putt. Fowler responds with a firm rap but Rory leads by four with six to play.

“Patrick Reed trying to get as red in the face as Fergie???” asks Press Association golf correspondent Phil Casey.


Spieth has a shot around some trees into the 13th and gets nowhere near, the ball squirting low into a bunker 60-odd yards short. McDowell's comeback has really cranked up the pressure on this young man, and after Europe's lead-off man safely finds the front of the green, Spieth's recovery shot topples back off.

More histrionics from Reed as he runs a good birdie putt into the 12th hole - Patrick Reed two up on Henrik Stenson. The crowd respond to his celebrations with a “USA! USA!” chant and a shout of “Let’s go, Patrick!”


Seats are filling up at the 16th and even the 18th hole already. The way some of these matches went off it didn't look as though those people would see much, but they should begin to get their money's worth now.

Rose has also won three holes in a row and is now only one down to Hunter Mahan through 10.

Walker draws first blood against Westwood, a third birdie in a row but a first hole won in a high-quality start. Jimmy Walker one up on Lee Westwood through three.


Watson failes to get out of a greenside bunker at eight, overcompensates and launches his next way past the pin. Martin Kaymer four up on Bubba Watson through eight.

That’s a big margin, but could this be even more significant? Graeme McDowell all square with Jordan Spieth through 12, having won a third straight hole as the young American misses a tentative putt.


Lefty rolls in a short one - Phil Mickelson two up on Stephen Gallacher through eight.

Just too much juice on Poulter’s putt and it’s a third bogey in four holes - Webb Simpson one up on Ian Poulter through four.

Mahan plays a good bunker shot, but it’s his fifth to the ninth hole and he concedes. Hunter Mahan two up on Justin Rose through nine.

Furyk draws level and Reed regains the lead. Patrick Reed one up on Henrik Stenson through 11. Jim Furyk all square with Sergio Garcia through five.

The projected score, as it stands? 14-14!


McDowell is marching back, making a good right-to-left breaker and punching the air. Jordan Spieth now one up on Graeme McDowell through 11.

G-Mac's fighting back.

Advantage Rose as he swings an approach to the front of the ninth green, with Mahan having found water.

Kaymer misses for once and is back to three up on Bubba Watson through seven.


Reed's finger-to-the-lips gesture a few holes back has seen the crowd now ssshhhhh-ing as his shot is in the air!

Kuchar holes a short putt and is one up on Thomas Bjorn through five.

Poulter in fact won the second and is currently all square with Webb Simpson through three.

McIlroy holes out yet again but Fowler responds. Rory still four up at the turn.


Garcia hits back and is all square with Jim Furyk through three.

Reed’s excursion into the water proves costly – Henrik Stenson all square with Patrick Reed through nine.

And the last game has just teed off:


24 Age 28

0 Caps 3 (2006, 2010, 2012)

W2 H0 L0 Record W6 H1 L6

0 Majors 1


Simpson misses a short putt at the second, Poulter having knocked one in to put pressure on him and ultimately claim a half.

Kaymer has come out firing and rolls in a nerveless putt across the sixth green to go four up on Bubba Watson.

An eight-footer sees Rose pull one back. Hunter Mahan three up on Justin Rose through eight.

McDowell can’t get it going – but Spieth misses a short one to give him a hole. Jordan Spieth three up on Graeme McDowell through nine.


Reed's in the water on nine.

We have two more groups off and running, here they are:


38 Age 28

0 Caps 1 (2012)

W2 H0 L1 Record W4 H0 L2

0 Majors 1

Those two have halved the opening hole.


41 Age 35

8 (1997-99, 2002-12) Caps 0

W20 H6 L14 Record W0 H3 L1

0 Majors 0


Europe could do with these fellas at the moment. Too much red in the scoreboard.

Mickelson with a wonderful tee shot at six, Gallacher also on the green but way up the back.

Bjorn had two putts to win the third and lagged it close enough for a slightly generous concession. Thomas Bjorn all square with Matt Kuchar through three.

Rose holes a good one just to stay four down – Mahan is on fire there, comparable to McIlroy’s performance, especially when you consider how Rose has played this week.

Jordan Spieth is on song as well and pitches close at the ninth.

Kaymer hit an excellent approach at the fifth and holes out for birdie. Martin Kaymer three up on Bubba Watson through five.

Fowler just unable to hole a birdie putt and pull another hole back, having won the seventh.


Slight correction to the last entry - it was Reed's second win in three holes, with a good half in between.

Mickelson has hit back and is all square with Stephen Gallacher through five.

So Europe suddenly lead in just two matches, America in six with the other all square. A bit of a red swing developing on the scoreboards just now.


Poulter lips out at the first. Webb Simpson one up on Ian Poulter through one.

And Reed, on a roll, wins a second successive hole to turn his match in his favour. Patrick Reed one up on Henrik Stenson through eight.

Kaymer, though, extends his lead with a solid putt at the fourth. Martin Kaymer two up on Bubba Watson through four.



38 Age 29

4 (2004, 2008-12) Caps 1 (2012)

W12 H1 L4 Record W2 H0 L3

0 Majors 1

Kuchar and Mahan hole winning putts – Matt Kuchar one up on Thomas Bjorn through two. Hunter Mahan four up on Justin Rose through six.

McDowell rescues a half at the eighth but stays three down. Kaymer, though, takes the lead against Bubba – Martin Kaymer one up on Bubba Watson through three.


Stenson and a fired-up Reed trade fine putts to halve the seventh - the crowd respond with boos as the American pumps his fist and gives it a big ``C'MOOOOONN!!''

Furyk starts with a good putt – Jim Furyk one up on Sergio Garcia through one.


They're already out, but here's the next pair heading down the first. I knew I should have set these things up last night!


34 Age 44

6 (1999, 2002-12) Caps 8 (1997-99, 2002-12)

W17 H5 L9 Record W10 H4 L19

0 Majors 1

Elsewhere, breaking news: McIlroy has found the rough!

Hunter Mahan has it going on today and holes another putt – Hunter Mahan three up on Justin Rose through five.


Fowler is playing the sixth exactly like Spieth, in fact, as his bump-and-run catches the edge of the hole but doesn't drop.

McIlroy holes out, though, the ball tracking all the way as Rory steps away and punches the air. Rory McIlroy five up on Rickie Fowler through six.


Stenson's putt slides by and concedes the hole. Patrick Reed and Henrik Stenson all square through six.

Gallacher just short of holing out at the third, but the man Team Europe’s Twitter feed is calling Stevie G stays one up.

McIlroy dead over the pin at six. He’s playing like a man who’s got a bus to catch! Fowler’s tee shot is short, similar to Spieth’s before him.

Spieth’s approach at seven, though, was excellent and McDowell can’t hole a long putt, but the youngster misses from around five feet. A real let-off for G-Mac, but he remains three down.


Ridiculous from McIlroy! Another birdie and another hole won - Rory McIlroy four up on Rickie Fowler through five.

Rose delivers a big fist-pump after holing out at four, but Mahan responds to halve the hole and maintain his two-up lead.


Reed took the scenic route on five but recovered for a half to remain one down. He also plays a superb tee shot to the sixth.

Fowler has missed the fairway on the same side but, not being as far wide as Reed, has to contend with a patch of tress in front of him. To add to the pressure, Rory is bang in the middle of the green.


The next pair are under way on the first:


43 Age 36

2 (1997, 2002) Caps 2 (2010, 2012)

W3 H2 L3 Record W3 H2 L5

0 Majors 0

Meanwhile, Spieth almost holed his pitch onto the sixth and McDowell’s putt slides by – hole halved in three.


Kaymer holes a good one to put the pressure on Watson, who responds in kind. High-class first hole from this pair.

Reed hit his fifth tee shot almost onto the sixth tee, but is able to recover.

Spieth comes up a club short at the sixth.


McDowell lips out again and loses another. Jordan Spieth three up on Graeme McDowell through five.

Fowler finally gets something going with an excellent chip on the fourth.

Watson and Kaymer are right at the pin on the first.


The quality keeps coming - though check out Bubba's Ryder Cup record after this week's two defeats:


29 Age 35

2 (2010, 2012) Caps 2 (2010, 2012)

W3 H3 L2 Record W3 H0 L7

2 Majors 2

As you’d expect, Bubba is loving this atmosphere. He also drives it down the fairway and most of the way to the green – only for Kaymer’s ball to run 10 yards past his! More of this please!

Fowler misses on the third green – Rory McIlroy three up on Rickie Fowler through three.


Gallacher lips out and halves the first hole. Needs one to settle him down a bit.

Rose went out of sand and over the back of the second and though his next shot is excellent, Mahan takes his two putts to win the hole. Hunter Mahan two up on Justin Rose through two.

The competition's brought out this man.


Mickelson lofts his ball short of the pin and the backspin leaves a tricky putt. Gallacher is within six feet or so and nicely placed!

Both Stenson and McDowell hole solid putts to halve their respective holes for Europe.


Mickelson is in the fairway, Gallacher just off to the right. Can either of them avoid that bunker?

McIlroy is in the third fairway, Fowler may have found the bunker down the right.


The local man's next out against the most experienced player in the American team:


39 Age 44

0 Caps 9 (1995-99, 2002-12)

W0 H0 L1 Record W15 H6 L19

0 Majors 5

“Nice reception for Phil M. Respect for one of game’s greats,” observes PA’s Andy Hampson.


Advantage McIlroy at the second but Rose cannot hole his bunker shot. Hunter Mahan one up on Justin Rose through one.

Spieth holes out – Jordan Spieth two up on Graeme McDowell through three.

And Fowler’s putt is close but not close enough – Rory McIlroy two up on Rickie Fowler through two.


Rose in the right-hand bunker at the first. It's clearly the place to be. Mahan plays a superb approach to a foot or so and must surely take the hole.

McDowell’s bunker shot is good but Spieth’s putt, unsurprisingly, is inside.


Down the middle for Mahan, but Rose grimaces as he drags his drive left into Fowler territory.

McDowell is in a bunker at the third, and Spieth responds with a safe approach into the green but a way from the hole.

Reed concedes the second. Henrik Stenson one up on Patrick Reed through two.


Reed clatters through the back of two and then sends his pitch racing back across the green and in or near a bunker, continuing his untidy start.

Next pair heading onto the first tee:


34 Age 32

2 (2008, 2012) Caps 2 (2008, 2010)

W9 H1 L3 Record W4 H3 L4

1 Majors 0

Rose, like Stenson before him, responds favourably to the crowd’s request to “give us a dance”!



First blood goes to America and Spieth, who recovers from that poor drive to make four after McDowell misses his birdie putt. Jordan Spieth one up on Graeme McDowell through two.

Fowler duffs his chip at the first and McIlroy calmly holes out to win the hole. Rory McIlroy one up on Rickie Fowler through one.


Spieth laid up at the second but hits a good shot into the green, bouncing past the pin and spinning back.

Fowler was wide left off the tee, though not as wide as Reed. His approach pitches very close but bounds on just through the green.

McIlroy’s huge drive down the fairway set up a wedge to eight or 10 feet, and a chance to win the hole.



Stenson nervelessly knocks his putt in and concedes Reed's, and they go down the second all square.

Next out on the first tee, two fellas you may have heard of:


25 Age 25

2 (2010, 2012) Caps 1 (2010)

W5 H3 L4 Record W0 H5 L1

4 Majors 0

The pair also met in the 2007 Walker Cup foursomes, Fowler and Billy Horschel winning 2&1 over McIlroy and his fellow Northern Irishman Jonathan Caldwell.


Stenson bumps his bunker shot close but not dead while Reed runs to six inches right of the pin. Pressure on Stenson's putt here.

At the next hole, McDowell is in the left-hand rough.


Reed's lie was not too bad but he plops his iron into the right-hand bunker, in a similar spot to Spieth.

Stenson has a wedge directly over the sand but takes exactly the Spieth route into the bunker. Poor from the Swede.


Spieth holes out for par, and will be delighted to escape with a half at the first hole. His second drive is miles right, though, over the crowd and the path behind and into shaggy grass.

McDowell is also right but only just off the fairway and may have a shot to the green at the par five.


Reed's drive fairly fizzes through the air but is well left, just in front of the spectator galleries.

Three wood for Stenson, who of course sat out yesterday afternoon to rest his sore back. Safely in the short grass and the Swede is the better placed.

Incidentally, Reed was greeted by a fan shouting “did you practice your putting, Patrick?” – a reference to the tiddler he missed on the 16th yesterday as he and Spieth halved with Justin Rose and Martin Kaymer. Bit unnecessary, that.


Spieth plays his bunker shot well, but McDowell has his putt for birdie and the hole.

Meanwhile, the next pair emerge onto the tee. Let’s take a look:


38 Age 24

2 (2006, 2008) Caps 0

W5 H2 L3 Record W2 H1 L0

0 Majors 0


McDowell first to play his approach, and he carries the bunker and runs in off the fringe of the green to maybe 15 feet. Good stuff from the Northern Irishman.

Spieth and his caddie assess the wind as “maybe a smidgen” off the right. “C’mon, good one here,” urges the caddie, but Spieth cannot find the same carry as his opponent and plops back into the bunker. Advantage Europe.


Both players clack tee-shots safely down the middle of the fairway, Spieth maybe 15-20 yards longer but both in good position. McDowell gives a double thumbs-up to the packed gallery as he heads off down the hole.


Let's take a look at our first two players:


35 Age 21

3 (2008, 2010, 2012) Caps 0

W7 H2 L5 Record W2 H1 L0

1 Majors 0

Incredible atmosphere. The grandstand at the first tee has been packed for a couple of hours and crowd have really found their voice. Mostly European chants.

The Americans are confident.

They're ready, are you?

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