Conor McGregor 'eyeing up Mayweather fight from early age'

"Throughout time I rose up - I'm a multiple weight champion - and then it turns out he was the one who came to me. Perfect."

LATEST: Police in Rotterdam arrest van driver after concert cancelled over 'terror tip'

UPDATE 10pm: Police in Rotterdam stopped a van with Spanish licence plates containing a number of gas bottles close to the venue of a concert by an American rock band that was cancelled following a threat, the mayor of the Dutch port city said.

Brexit position papers packed full of details that tell us nothing

The paper on Ireland was full of well-meaning statements of intent, particularly around not wanting the return of any border, but gave nothing by way of detail as to how such a pipe dream is to be delivered, writes Daniel McConnell.

Ireland must salvage World Cup qualification

Claire McLaughlin admits Ireland’s players have let themselves down at this World Cup but believes they can still salvage something from the wreckage.