Survivors commission should follow example of Goddard Inquiry

Another Irish State survivors commission and The UK Goddard Inquiry — once again at enormous cost to the Irish State and taxpayers of many millions of euros, and as usual more to do with the Commission of Inquiry itself than the survivors it is supposed to help.

We the survivors continue to go to this latest commission and tell the stories of our lives.

This is the 7th inquiry in 46 years concerned with children but the first in the State of Ireland for Protestant Homes.

This time even the Bethany Home Survivors are included. We, the survivors, who have, over 23 long years, gathered incontrovertible evidence through research that has proven our case, erected our memorial two years ago in Mount Jerome with the names of 227 babies and children’s graves with the dates of their deaths.

We uncovered the evidence of the shameful state our lost brothers and sisters were in when they were neglected to death in the notorious Bethany Home.

There is no Mother and Baby Home or group on this inquiry’s list, or any other list of survivors or homes or groups that has done this for the present commission of inquiry before even going to the inquiry.

Most of our fellow survivors sadly only have hearsay, but the Bethany Home Survivors will still be no better off than anyone who has only hearsay for the inquiry.

Meanwhile, the new Goddard Inquiry in the UK has started by seeking out the cases where the survivors have Freedom of Information requests and other documents and where the police need to go to the address of the survivor, that is exactly what they are doing so that no one is sitting around waiting.

No survivors who have fought and obtained evidence are being left waiting and aging and dying.

Doing it this way helps all cases whether weak or strong.

The strong cases help all survivors to be kept up to date all the way through.

This common sense and practical method will also help the Goddard Inquiry to understand how the entire system worked and that in turn will help all living survivors as well as keeping the cost down and saving many millions of taxpayers’ money at the same time.

Derek Linster

42 Southey Rd


Warwickshire CV 22 6 HF

United Kingdom

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