One man’s loss is another man’s revolution

All revolutions end in failure ... for someone or other.
One man’s loss is another man’s revolution

The guillotine exacts revenge. The rebels are shot. Or the despot seizes the reins of power and refuses to go before the electorate for fifty or sixty years, other than to have his mandate rubber-stamped for posterity. The American Revolution also ended in partition. The consent of the governed, which gave legitimacy to the 13 colonies south of the 49th parallel, also gave legitimacy (in the eyes of the governed) to the six territories (or provinces) north of the 49th parallel:

1. United Empire loyalists of Upper Canada (Ontario).

2. Catholic French Lower Canada (Quebec).

3. Prince Edward Island.

4. Nova Scotia.

5. New Brunswick.

6. Newfoundland. ..... All part of modern day Canada.

Richard Dowling

Patrick Street


Co Laois

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