Enemies yesterday but allies today

It is unlawful to supply a weapon to another person. Someone can even be complicit in murder if they supply the murder weapon. Why then should these laws not apply to governments supplying arms to terrorists?

We’re encouraged to believe that ISIS is more extreme than other terrorist armies and that this justifies the West’s arming of other terrorists. Does this mean that if an even more extremist group is identified the West is justified in arming ISIS? It is nonsense.

How ISIS can be more extreme than groups which fly aeroplanes into buildings (al Qaeda), or throw workers off buildings (Free Syrian Army), or plant car bombs in false-flag operations (SAS and their US counterparts), or bomb cities (NATO’s destruction of Sirte)? But because of this deception, the West is arming the Kurds — the very people we abandoned in 1991 after encouraging them to revolt, the same people that Turkey was attempting to annihilate throughout the 1990s with Western arms and complicity.

How long will it be until the Kurds are hung out to dry again and how long will it be until, as in the 1990s, the mainstream media is no longer interested in their plight? Not too long.

Louis Shawcross,

Inns Court,


Co. Down,

BT26 6AQ.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

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