Here’s how to pack the perfect suitcase

SCIENTISTS have come up with a formula for packing the perfect suitcase.

It is hoped the breakthrough will prevent holidaymakers from struggling with their cases and having to sit on them to fit everything in.

The complicated formula reveals successful packing is down to risk-assessment, space maximisation - and the strategic use of socks.

Fragile cameras or CD players need placing in a central position and buffering with “low risk” items such as socks and towels to stop mid-air shuffling.

Creases can be ironed out by inter-leaving clothes to reduce the effects of compression.

Embarrassing items, such as underwear, should be at the base of the case to minimise the risk of them being scrutinised during bag searches.

Dr Andrew Dearden and Dr Richard Roast, both of Sheffield Hallam University, came up with the formula using advanced computer-aided research, programming and design, and weeks of testing. asked the two scientists to concoct the perfect technique for filling a suitcase following a survey of 1,011 holidaymakers asking them about packing.

The survey revealed 82% of holiday packers admit to wasting space by including clothes they never wear and two in five confess to stuffing clothes in their cases at the last minute.

Another top tip was that packing should be a solitary task without partners or family interfering.

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