This much I know: Adam O’Regan, musician

A band is only as good as its drummer, says Adam O’Regan of Little Green Cars.
This much I know: Adam O’Regan, musician

My advice to someone starting out is to focus on the music. People can get caught up with their social media page, or their EP, or selling out The Workmans Club. But before any of that, the music has to be there.

Get a band of like-minded people that can play and make sure you have a good drummer.

I never really had an aptitude for school.

It was always clear that I would become involved in something creative. Before music, it was art that interested me. I used to draw in my school books.

I was an outgoing child. I’m the second of three brothers.

I became an angsty teenager. My father got me an electric guitar to alleviate that. And I was hooked. I had guitar lessons for two years or so.

There is no strong history of music in my family. My mother had many jobs — air hostess, receptionist — and dad was a relatively successful publican. He was more like a social entrepreneur.

I am very single minded.

Dad taught me to reach for my dreams. I always felt that if I had a plan B, I wouldn’t put my all into plan A.

I wish I was more disciplined, especially in the age we live in now, where attention spans are shorter. I sometimes find it hard to focus.

One of the greatest joys in life is in creating something and being passionate about it.

I have never been affected by what other people think of me. Everyone has self doubt but I have never been self conscious on stage. Of course being on stage with other people I know so well certainly helps.

I’m not sure what my idea of misery would be. I’m pretty optimistic and hope I would look for and find a silver lining in anything. Maybe not in being an accountant though.

If I could be someone else for a day, I’d be Stanley Kubrick, to see the creation of some of those films and to be in his mind.

I love routine and function best when I have a concrete one but it’s very hard to achieve when you are in a band.

I’m not of the mind set that ‘this is it’ but I don’t have a belief system in place yet for what happens after we die. I would like to be able to believe in reincarnation.

Sometimes it is hard not to believe in fate, certain things seem to have simply aligned for me. Like how our band all met when we were in school. And how we met our manager Daniel Ryan, of The Thrills. And how I met my girlfriend Susannah, who is Stevie our lead singer’s sister. She’s an art curator.

My biggest challenge has been my father’s death in 2012, two months before our first record came out. He was 49. He had been there when we signed our record deal to Glassnote, when I was 19. He struggled with mental health issues and it was very difficult for him and for the rest of my family.

I went a bit crazy for a year or so after dad died. Daniel our manager was always good at keeping an eye on me.

I’m an early riser, well I have been for the last six months. We don’t tend to stay up ’til all hours on tour. We are not big party animals. We have rules.

I love Dublin with all my heart, there are some streets that I find beautiful and there is an amazing creative energy in the city.

I’m not sure what the big lesson in life has been yet. I’m still going through a transitional period in my life as it is only four years since I lost my dad. That kind of loss evolves from day to day. It has taught me how to love other people in a real way.

Relationships are very important to me.

My own personal mission is simply to value life.

Little Green Cars play Knocknarea Arena, IT Sligo, Saturday October 29 as part of Sligo Live, Ireland’s Folk, Roots Indie Festival on the Wild Atlantic Way, October 26 to 31.

The line up includes Paul Brady and The Saw Doctors.

Weekend tickets

Ticketmaster outlets and Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo (071 916 1518), priced at €119.

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