Quirky World: KitKat cash thief forced to take long break behind bars

ENGLAND: A thieving worker would have a break and a KitKat — before stealing small bundles of cash he hid inside the empty chocolate wrappers.

Quirky World: KitKat cash thief forced to take long break behind bars

CCTV caught Peter Mills, 68, hiding £50 notes (€69) in empty KitKat wrappers up to three times a day at the cash handling depot where he worked.

Police said Mills would then conceal the KitKat wrappers on his body, and smuggled out over £20,000 from Vaultex Limited in Tonbridge, Kent, between February and May last year.

When suspicious staff searched Mills, he was found with five £50 notes round a KitKat wrapper, famed for its slogan “have a break, have a KitKat”.

Kent Police was called and further cash was found in Mills’s car. And when his locker was searched, police discovered a stash of empty KitKat wrappers inside.

In a police interview, Mills denied stealing the money, insisting the cash must have got caught up in the wrappers by accident.

He was unable to explain how he obtained the money or justify large cash payments made to a builder working on his home.Kent Police said Mills pleaded guilty to four counts of theft, amounting to £20,350, and was jailed for 21 months.

Begging for more ‘Layla’


Indian music lovers are revelling in a Sanskrit language version of Eric Clapton’s old favourite, ‘Layla’.

Over the last few days, Indian music users have shared Krish Ashok’s adaptation of ‘Layla’, called ‘Leela’ on various social media sites, NDTV news website reports. Ashok, who calls himself an “amateur multi-instrumentalist” mixing the “ridiculous and sublime”, posted ‘Leela’ on his Soundcloud page, where it clocked up nearly 15,000 plays within seven days.

‘Act of God ‘


A toddler who fell into an icy creek was brought back to life after an hour and 41 minutes of CPR.

Gardell Martin was playing with his two brothers when he fell into the stream running through their five-acre property near Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. A neighbour found him nearly quarter of a mile downstream.

Janet Weis Children’s Hospital in Danville said the 22-month-old was brought back to life by a team of about 50 people in a “stunning” recovery. He is now home from hospital having made a full recovery, and his mother Rose called it “an act of God”.

Lobsters rock on


A lorry hauling 30,000lb of live Canadian lobster overturned on a major road in Maine.

Truck driver Horst Puff, of Greenfield, Nova Scotia, said he swerved to avoid a car that had spun out in front of him on snowy Interstate 95 in Benton. The truck ended up on its side in the central reservation, but he was not hurt.

A crane was dispatched to hoist the truck upright so the cargo could be inspected. Police spokesman Steve McCausland said the lobsters survived and continued their journey to New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

‘Embearassing’ error


Phoenix Zoo has confessed to an “embearassing” mistake regarding one of its animals.

Officials said they were planning to transfer Luka to a zoo in Nashville, Tennessee, when they discovered the two-year-old Andean bear is a female, not a male as thought. According to Phoenix Zoo, Andean bear cubs’ genitalia are highly undeveloped before the age of two, making it difficult to determine gender.

Luka still might go to Nashville, but now officials know she’s a she, it opens up other options for the bear’s participation in a breeding programme.

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