Terrace Talk: Liverpool - City bar our path in search for perfection

No complaints. Again. This must be some kind of record.

Terrace Talk: Liverpool - City bar our path in search for perfection

The weather’s bad, I suppose. Given the Big 60 is not far around the corner I’ll need to get into the habit of griping about cold and the ‘music’ the kids like.

The Reds and that Klopp fella seem to be getting most things right, curse them. Leave us grouches with something, for God’s sake.

This is the best period to follow Liverpool, when you scarcely believe what you’re seeing half the time and there’s still a slight reluctance to mither them about “taking that final step”.

Which is what, exactly? Perfection? Who really believes they have a right to demand such a thing?

If, like me, you’re old enough to remember the really good times at Anfield, they weren’t anything like perfect then. It wasn’t needed.

Since being walloped by Tottenham back in October, Liverpool have averaged enough points per game to work out at a season-adjusted 89 total. It would be our greatest ever.

That still wouldn’t have been enough to topple Chelsea last season or City this by the looks of it.

It feels like most fans are keeping their demands in check, just delighted to be watching a team of this calibre play well most of the time.

City’s ridiculously good team are providing a ton of camouflage, and that’s keeping Klopp untouchable for now.

He’ll have heard and read a few lectures this week about what happens to Liverpool managers once the going gets too tough, since Benitez was back in town.

Ah yes, Rafa. The now-traditional wave of unabashed idolatry plumbed new depths. It’s irritating, since it’s been eight years and people (grown men and women) should really have got the injustices (ahem) out of their system by now.

First love never dies I suppose, but coming from people who remember Shankly and Paisley it gets a bit much.

He was asked about his greatest team. “We had some good players; Torres, Gerrard, Mascherano… Lucas.”

No honestly, he said that. The Alonso snub is Olympian pettiness and brought to mind all the stupid little battles that ultimately helped scupper his Anfield reign almost as much as Hicks and Gillett did.

How sad that his current team plays the “shit on a stick” football he was once so unfairly maligned for back in the day when he was at his colossal peak.

It could only be a matter of time before they were broken down. It wasn’t anything like this Liverpool team is capable of but it was more than enough because there was nothing in the other corner.

Their fans moaned about their owner. Rafa seems magnetically drawn to boardroom confrontation and he’s certainly hit the motherlode with Newcastle.

Sympathy from the Kop soon changed to disgust with the away end’s tiresome stereotype bantz following immediately afterwards.

Never ceases to amaze me that Scousers think Geordies are their mates. Every year at Anfield, they’re exactly the same. Well, every year we’re in the same division obviously…

No matter. Job done, bones thawed and briefly second in the league again. Arsenal have hit the skids and there’s even a sliver of daylight between ourselves and Chelsea.

Most would have taken fourth place and a decent performance in the Champions League this season, and we can still get that or even better.

Tipex City off the top of the table and it becomes an imaginary title bid. Not bad given Klopp’s starting position.

The insatiable demands will resurface soon enough. You can get the odd season like Leicester’s where one team does well and nobody else turns up. That never happens to Liverpool nowadays, as it once did regular as clockwork.

Arsenal 2002, United 2009, City 2014 and 2018. There’s a pattern emerging and perfection’s the only thing that’ll disrupt it.

Or tons and tons of someone else’s cash, in which case what’s the actual purpose of anything any more?

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