Letters to the Editor: Cork needs proper investment in public transport

Government must not proceed with plans for congestion charge
Letters to the Editor: Cork needs proper investment in public transport

The Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael-Green Party Government must not proceed with any plans to introduce a congestion charge in Cork, given the lack of public transport capacity and the need to rapidly invest in public transport.

For years we’ve been promised additional park and rides around the city but to date, we still have the one, which is under-utilised.

Unless all the transport reports for over the years for Cork are implemented, a congestion charge is just penalising people for not taking what isn’t there.

My fear now is with such discussions of a congestion charge will the Green Party turn their sights on tolling the Jack Lynch Tunnel.

Such a measure would funnel traffic back into the city and through the suburbs in a rat racing measure that will damage neighbourhoods and communities.

We need real Investment and delivery in public transport and an increase in capacity in services like the 220 24 hour bus on other routes once the vaccination programme is complete.

Peter Horgan

Labour local area representative

Cork City

No grounds to challenge legality of quarantining

There are no grounds whatsoever for challenging the legality of hotel quarantining. These quarantines are a necessity for the purposes of public safety, and not a mere legality. 

When people behave stupidly and recklessly, certain measures are required when dealing with them.

Those who break out of hotels are the criminals, not the State.

Travellers to, and from, Ireland should be aware of the restrictions they might encounter when reaching their destination. 

In fact, I don’t understand why anyone is allowed into the country at all.

There’s no such thing as ‘safe’ countries at the moment, nor will there be for a long time. Any politician and/or medical ‘expert’ who believes in ‘safe’ countries should resign.

Bus drivers and hotels involved in quarantining wouldn’t like it to end; just think of the money they must be raking in.

Dr Florence Craven

Co Offaly

Ministers take credit, not blame

I wonder if your readers have noticed when government ministers are on TV and reporting something “positive” their approach is “I have made this decision” or “I have decided to ….”

However when something controversial is mentioned the attitude is “That is a Cabinet Decision……..” Take the “credit” share the “blame”.

Michael Moriarty



How religion is treated on RTÉ

Nobody, including Kevin McNamara, parish priest of Kerry’s Moyvanne, should be gratuitously insulted by Fair City, or any other RTÉ programme.

Surely there must be someone in the national broadcaster’s staff who might advise programme makers of the finer points of someone’s religion?

I note that RTÉ’s higher-ups were quick to come back to the offended man, when he threatened hellfire and damnation — worse — to campaign against paying the broadcasting licence fee.

I, too, had occasion recently to complain to RTÉ about its treatment of two Catholic themes on RTÉ1 TV: a full 20 minutes given to promoting what we used call a retreat house for Catholic youths who came to better know Jesus, on the Newsround programme, on April 2, followed the next day by an advert for Knock Shrine in the middle of the 6.01 News.

Knowing that religious advertising is verboten on air, I wondered about it. I haven’t had any RTÉ bigwigs phone me to explain yet.

If Fr McNamara keeps banging his drum about the licence fee, he may stir me to complain to the Comptroller and Auditor General about the millions of taxpayers euros spent on the Papal fest in the Phoenix Park to please all of 125,000 Catholics and other curious folk who attended.

John Colgan


Co Kildare

Are we being monitored for sitting in our cars?

I refer to your story Waterford council reprimanded for using CCTV to monitor illegal dumping on January 18.

Waterford Council still has a CCTV notice, just beside Sir Thomas Bridge near Ferryhouse which is near Clonmel but in Co Waterford. 

The photo is from April 14. Many people use this area walking and there is room to park just in off the road quite close to the sign. Not everyone goes there to dump. 

Are people being monitored if they are sitting in their car reading as I was on April 14?

John Williams



Sewage is a northside v southside issue

Apropos the article by Fergus Finlay on Dublin Bay Filth (April 14).

In 2003, a submarine pipeline to pump sewage from north Dublin to Ringsend was completed without a murmur from the southsiders, which resulted in the system being overloaded which from day one has had serious consequences for the quality of water and the beaches in Dublin Bay South.

We then rolled over for an incinerator, also catering for the NS. 

Northside residents now have the cheek to want to block the construction new sewage plant, which is a fourth of the size of the Ringsend plant dealing specifically with their own sewage.

It’s now stalled at planning for over a year. Turning off the pump for a few weeks would soften their cough and speed things up.

Michael Foley



Weigh up risks of AZ vaccines

In light of the fact that now more AZ vaccine will be given to (exclusively) more people in their 60s, the risk of harm to that group from any side-effects is correspondingly greater.

How does that sit with doctors Hippocratic Oath to firstly do no harm?

Kevin T Finn


Co Cork

Safety trumps Olympics

Do we need to be “Faster - Higher - Stronger”, the Olympic motto or should we just try to be ok and healthy?

The Olympics may yet be cancelled completely after having been delayed a year says Toshihiro Nikai, secretary general of the Liberal Democratic Party, who talked of having to “give up”.

The 2020 Olympics were postponed because of the Covid pandemic and the 2021 version will have few in the stands as overseas spectators have been banned and many of the local citizens aren’t interested or actually want it cancelled. 

Any spectators that would attend will only be allowed to clap and not cheer which seems a rather sad, pale version of the event.

The first priority for most countries is to get citizens vaccinated, stop the spread of the virus and then start on an economic recovery rather than watching two weeks of Olympians and para Olympians doing the best they can.

Considering how many have already died and will still die, it is probably best to commit all resources to the medical world and stay safe at home. 

I know a number of Olympic competitors will miss their one opportunity but that may be the cost they have to pay for the safety of the majority.

Dennis Fitzgerald

Vic Melbourne


Vaccine pass: A two-tier society?

John Berger famously described advertising as a system which steals a person’s sense of self-worth and then offers it back to them for the price of the product. Something similar can be said of vaccination.

The freedoms you once assumed were yours by God-given right are being taken away and will be offered back as long as you’re willing to let the powers that be inject you once a year. 

It would make the plot of an excellent dystopian sci fi novel if it weren’t tragically true.

Whatever happened to ‘my body, my choice’, the echoes of which are still reverberating since the government led the charge to legalise abortion on such slogans a handful of years ago?

A vaccine pass will disproportionately affect island dwellers like the Irish or Maltese who cannot simply drive across their national borders without checks unlike most of the other 26 EU member states. 

Have the government been raising this issue with their European counterparts?

A vaccine pass is a step towards not only creating a two-tier society but also to a greater erosion of the very concept of personal liberty.

Those rushing to sign up to it ought be aware they’re setting the stage for greater loss of personal freedom not only for themselves, but for everyone.

Nick Folley



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