Letter to the Editor: Sending a buggy to Mars. Have we gone bonkers?

Letter to the Editor: Sending a buggy to Mars. Have we gone bonkers?
A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket launching, carrying the Perseverance rover. Picture: NASA/Joel Kowsky/PA Wire

So we've Sent a Car Buggy to Mars this week on the back of a rocket and still there's no cure for Covid 19 on the horizon. 

I pose the simple apparently obvious question - Are Humans gone totally Bonkers, imagine sending a Rover to Mars during a Global Pandemic Plague. Is the vehicle Covid Free? Is it?

Humanity is both amazing and baffling. We can send a robotic car-like rover buggy type vehicle to Mars in times of a global plague to see if there's signs of past life on the Red planet. 

Seems strange and far fetched to me that we are wasting millions, if not billions of dollars to investigate fanciful notions of life which lived millions of years ago on our nearest planetary neighbour? 

Why are we funding such exploratory missions in a time when us humans can't seem to unite here on Earth to find a cure for a deadly virus. We can't even agree to act collectively to find and pursue a strategy to combat Covid 19, which is blatantly plaguing our own blue planet and bringing about so much death and suffering.

Strikes me that if alien life forms were ever arrived here on our little spinning globe, they would spend the first week rolling about laughing and then absolutely fleece us. 

Mind you on reflection and in jest, it seems almost plausible to me that it may be possible that certain alien life forms are already in charge of political decision making in certain quarters - because the incumbent leaders show no signs of humanity, humility or empathy in time this era of great crisis. 

We certainly live in the strangest of Covidean times.

Paul Horan

Assistant Professor School of Nursing & Midwifery 

Trinity College

Dublin 24 

D’Olier Street 

Dublin 2

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