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Dear Sir... Readers' Views (16/11/16)

Trump’s first visit will be some love-in in Co Clare

The mythical but flamboyant Trump Juggernaut trundled through each American state, unexpectedly gathering pace on Route 66, knocking over swathes of democratic roadblocks in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania as if they were constructed of candy-floss.

Observers and pollsters wearing their tunnel visioned stars’n’stripes hats, were left stunned and flabbergasted that a man ridiculed at every opportunity by large affluent sections of American society could become president?

And bookies paid out to lucky punters, who gambled on odds that should not have been so easily discounted.

Who is gloating now?

Like a vast majority of the worlds interested populace, I had counted my Kentucky reared chickens before they were hatched, and had Hillary Clinton as the first women president of the USA?

But lo and behold, I woke to a Tuesday morning with audible gasps of disbelief that would be like no other, a sort of political earthquake had just taken place, for want of a more appropriate metaphor.

The future 45th president of the USA was in fact for ‘better or worse’ a man wearing a blue suit sporting a larger than life, quill like quiff of singed blond hair, and was called Donald, not the expected pristine ladylike woman named Hillary?

This man, a 70-year-old multimillionaire with no political background or who had never worn a military uniform or fired a gun in defence of his country, was now the forthcoming leader of the ‘free world’ and threatening to tear up international agreements which were many.

There is a sense of satire in the fact that one commentator described his (almost 60 million) votes as coming from a hillbilly revolt which has been in gestation for years, and they were weary of being told what to do and what to say.

The commentator was referring to the Midwest where unemployment is sky high and no hope of ever having a proper job? Home is a shack, caravan or dilapidated mobile home in a trailer park.

There is a complete disconnect between those people and the multimillionaire Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Jay Z and J-Lo, all clapping each other’s backs and applauding Hillary and her entourage of spokespeople at smoothly run pre-arranged concerts.

Donald Trump had none of that, he insulted and assaulted in equal measure, garnering more support with his outrageously plebeian, but unique style of publicity seeking stunts.

Aside from all that, its obvious that no-one listened to our Enda ‘up on his soap box’ making public remarks, describing Donald Trump as a racist, and a danger to mankind?

How much grovelling or penance will Enda have to endure, when Mr President decides to fly over on “his ‘Hair’ Force One Jet” for a spot of golf on his 18 hole Trumpland Golf course in Co Clare?

A serious love-in is required. First of all Leo Varadkar should employ the newly crowned double world champ, Conor McGregor as head of security to protect Enda’s safe passage, when he has to serve as Mr President’s Caddy, while Michael Martin sits on the fence with lighter in hand, ready to light his cigar or ‘trump’ any passing buxom bodied female on his instruction!

I suppose there is a silver-lining in any visit, because Donald will require every available man (or woman) that can handle a building trowel, from Innishowen to Cahersiveen (a large portion of the 50,000 undocumented) to build his version of Hadrian’s wall along the Mexican border.

He will also need the cream of the tunnel tigers from Arrainn Mhór Island to Belmullet to fulfil his promise of draining the swamp around Washington, The Fine Gael/Fianna Fáil government consortium, can claim that they alone eradicated the scourge of unemployment for years to come, and will not have to worry because it will counter balance President Trump, lowering the corporation tax to lure companies back home to Yankee soil.

That is if he doesn’t break all pre- election promises as soon as he gets his bum in that big leather armchair in the oval office, where the Clinton name almost made it to the oak desk for the second time, remember what happened our Enda and Co, once they got their feet to touch on fluffy Dail carpet and plush new leather sofa’s, all election promises disappeared out the open sash windows.

The White House itself is in for a shock that will rock its foundations, because having thrown political correctness to the wayside where it belongs, President Trump will redecorate Capitol Hill in a playboy style/fashion to boost his imperishable woman loving tastes.

Don’t stress or worry yourselves one bit, sit back take a chill pill and enjoy what could be the (rockiest) ride of your life.

James Woods

Gort an Choirce

Dun na nGall

Searching for Trump’s flaw

Achilles had his heel, and Samson his hair: what will be Donald Trump’s fatal flaw?

Liam Power




Co Mayo

More pressing needs than councillors’ trips

Last Friday, Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour and some Independent councillors grouped together to triple the budget for trips abroad by councillors and the mayor, rejecting proposals that the extra money should instead go to homeless services.

Already in 2016 councillors from Limerick have visited Boston, Cannes, Bourdeux, Birmingham, Greece, London and Germany with rumours of a trip to China later in the year. For all these, the cost of the flights, accomodation and ‘subsistence payments’ are all paid by the council. Now the councillors have voted to more than triple the budget for next year, from €15,000 to €50,000. That is more than €1,000 for each of the 40 councillors.

I really couldn’t believe it when I heard it first. These same councillors just voted to hike up the property tax by 10% for ordinary people in Limerick, and yet are now turning around and feathering their own nests.

I proposed an amendment on Friday which would have seen the extra money instead allocated towards homeless support services following the tragic death of homeless woman Louise Casey on the streets of Limerick last week. However, this amendment was voted down by Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and some Independent councillors.

Homeless services in the city are crying out for support. There is now a waiting list, not just for houses but for homeless accommodation, with 10 or more people a night unable to be accomodated in the hostels in Limerick. Yet the budget for homeless services is seeing no real increase. Instead of this increase in international trips, that same money could fund the entire budget for homeless street outreach programe in Limerick for next year, and also expand the Community Detox scheme currently run by Novas so that they can also cater for those suffering from codeine and alcohol addiction. Surely these are more pressing needs!

Cllr Cian Prendiville

Anti-Austerity Alliance

Brookville Gardens



Trump takes a step towards Albert

So The Donald is going to build a dancehall in the Whitehouse. Who does he think he is, Albert Reynolds?

Mattie Lennon


Co Wicklow

Lenihan should be better informed

The Irish Examiner of Saturday, 12.11.2016 carried an article entitled “Lenihan under fire for calling Savita ‘that Indian lady’.” (p5) In it, Conor Lenihan is quoted as attributing the death of Savita Halappanavar (in University Hospital Galway in 2012) to the Eighth Amendment. It seems to me that not only was Mr Lenihan too lazy to check out Ms Halappanavar’s name prior to the debate in question, he was also too lazy to check out the report into her death.

The Irish Independent was among the papers which carried a full page summary of the official report. It listed a number of unbelievable incidents of medical negligence. The first such stated that blood tests carried out on the Sunday after her admission clearly showed the presence of infection — but the doctor in charge of her care only noted that fact on the following Wednesday. How on earth could that grievous oversight be attributed to the Eighth Amendment??

At least four other such incidents of negligence were listed, all of them equally appalling and equally unrelated to anything in the Eighth Amendment. Her death was due to medical negligence — and have any heads rolled? Have any steps been taken to ensure no other patient suffers in this way?I suggest that Conor Lenihan should do his homework before taking part in another public debate.

Eilis McCormack


Co Kildare

A little question on shower heads

Why do smaller people always adjust the head of the shower downwards? Do they think the water will not fall on them if they don’t? Life is indeed full of mystery.

Sean de Paor


Co Chorcaigh

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