Dear Sir... Readers' Views (24/08/16)

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Dear Sir... Readers' Views (24/08/16)

Abortion tweets were an atrocity

If an ISIS member or even a gangland hitman was to keep us updated prior to, during, and after committing an heinous atrocity (and referred to same as a “procedure” ) we would be outraged.

Yet here we have two Irish women on their way (supposedly) to Manchester committing such an atrocity by ending the life of an innocent pre-born baby and their action is supported by so-called celebrities and others.

Our health minister has even praised them. What a sad state of affairs!

Our elected representatives pride themselves on criticising regimes where there is absolutely no respect for life but it’s OK for them to turn a blind eye to standing up for the rights of the pre-born.

What hypocrisy?

We can assume that there was no threat to this woman’s life.

So her (their) crusade was purely a call for abortion on demand... and nothing to do with the Eighth Amendment but they hope the public won’t see through this charade and pretence.

That this woman sacrificed the life of her own child is bad enough but to publicise it at regular intervals to make her point just demonstrates abuse, contempt, and disrespect.

It is reasonable to assume that her pre-born son or daughter would not have willingly endorsed her wholly selfish action if given the opportunity to do so.

Her attempt to blame Enda Kenny for her negligence in conceiving her unborn child and for not introducing abortion on demand (which he thankfully cannot do on his own) is pathetic and plain silly but hardly surprising.

We can only hope that decency, backbone, and natural justice prevails against the evil push for abortion.

John Burke

Mount Prospect Avenue


Dublin 3

Brazilian justice system treats our citizens poorly

Whether tickets for the Olympics in Rio were illegally traded or not is a question for another day. But the treatment of Pat Hickey and Kevin Mallon by the Brazilian justice system is absolutely appalling.

Would the televising of Mr Hickey’s arrest have been permitted in this country? Hardly. Would both men have been detained in a maximum security prison here, if they’d been arrested in this country? Hardly.

The treatment of both Mr Hickey and Mr Mallon readily suggests a legal system that has nothing to do with justice and everything to do with the need for slick PR and “showboating”; a curse which has infiltrated public life around the world.

Why do Irish politicians and the Irish media not object to this horrific treatment of Irish citizens by the (so-called) justice system of another country?

If anything, our media and politicians appear to be rubbing their hands with glee at events. Why is that? This case is solely about a few hundred tickets that might have been illegally traded.

Nobody died as a result of the alleged touting, nobody is out of pocket (that we know of) and the world continues to turn.

Whatever the outcome of the legal process in Brazil, Irish politicians and the Irish media need to recover their sense of perspective and proportion and protest against the appalling treatment of Mr Hickey and Mr Mallon.

Tim Buckley

Bowling Green

White St

Cork City

Root out the touts

The arrest of Pat Hickey in Rio sent shock waves around the world.

The most powerful man in Irish sport must be allowed the presumption of innocence but the ticket selling scandal and the doping scandal cast a shadow over this Olympics that even the success of the O’Donovan brothers from West Cork and Annalise Murphy will not erase.

Pat Hickey was given the chance to explain to the Minister for Sport Shane Ross how the tickets came to be in the hands of an employee of a company that had lost agency rights.

He chose not to do so, insisting the OCI would carry out its own investigation instead.

This is a terrible snub not only to the minister but to us taxpayers who contribute €500,000 a year to the Irish Olympics.

Ticket touting is a disgraceful crime and needs to be rooted out.

Noel Harrington



Co Cork

Economic dreamers

Lest we should all descend into deep despair under the weight of the predictions being made by economists as a result of Brexit, may I offer the following by way of consolation?

1. “Isn’t it funny how people who laugh at gypsy fortune tellers believe economists?” — J K Galbraith.

2. “An economist’s guess is as good as anybody else’s.” — Will Rogers.

3. “An economist is a person who will explain to you, in great detail, tomorrow why what he predicted yesterday did not happen today.”— Anon

4. A wonderfully simple cartoon from some years back says it all: It shows an economist who, having shot an arrow into the trunk of a tree, is now drawing concentric rings around it.

I rest my case!

Brendan Casserly




Government inaction

Is one permitted to ask how many civilian murders our Government is prepared to allow before the apparent ‘’shoot to kill’’ policy operating amongst the Kinahan/Hutch vendetta is abandoned?

Liam Power


Bangor Erris


Co Mayo

Flat earth views

Interesting that there exists in many countries branches of an organisation known as the Flat Earth Society.

They believe that it is possible to fall off the edge of the world and vanish into emptiness.

They base their belief it seems, at least in part, on the Gospel instruction where the Lord commanded his followers to preach the Good News to the ends of the earth.

I have no idea whether or not the members of that society ever travel by plane to distant lands or if they have read of intrepid explorers who fly solo around the world in balloons.

All I do know is that they persist in their folly and gain media prominence for themselves in the process.

Interesting too that for quite some time there has been a giant hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica.

Its existence has not resulted from any direct intervention by God but from the release of highly toxic emissions into the atmosphere by us humans.

This is having a disastrous effect on the oceans of the world as the great ice masses melt and oceans are gradually rising.

Pope Francis, God’s primus inter pares [first among equals] of Roman Catholics, states in his great encyclical Laudato Si: “Our sister Earth cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irresponsible use and abuse of goods”.

We all share in that guilt.

As individuals and as part of the global community we must strive to lessen the terrible devastation.

For anyone to deny that environmental degradation is occurring is to disregard the most basic theory of cause and effect.

For anyone in high office to pretend that carbon emissions are not a factor in global damage is to speak contrary to the most prudent scientific evidence.

To adopt such a stance is to ignore the evidence that is a daily reality.

To preach such a gospel is to be counter truth and to be a parallel traveller with members of the Flat Earth Society.

Cllr Michael Gleeson



Co Kerry

Mired in cutbacks

The kids keep asking me are politicians really Micheal Myers in drag?

Micheal Myers, for those not familiar, is the killer from the Halloween movie series.

He goes around chopping anything that moves.

With all the public services that are being axed, cut back, chopped, I find it hard to disagree with their analogy.

Anthony Woods

Marian Avenue


Co Clare

Cubbing cruelty

August is the month when the cub hunting season reaches a peak.

From the beginning of August, foxhunts around the country have been training novice hounds how to kill foxes.

This they achieve by bringing them to secluded venues in the countryside in the early hours of the morning.

Hunters, some on foot and some on horseback, surround a fox covert known to contain a litter of cubs.

When all potential escape routes have been blocked, the young hounds are released into the covert to seek out and kill the cubs.

The startled little creatures are taken unawares and seek desperately to evade the baying pack.

Any that seem close to slipping through the circle of hunters are beaten back with whips or long sticks.

Once caught above ground each cub has the skin ripped from its bones. No mercy is shown.

When all cubs have been eviscerated, the hunt concludes.

The dawn pastoral scene reverts to silence, apart from birdsong, and the footfalls of departing hunters and horses on dewy ground.

This gruesome ritual is replicated hundreds of times every year.

Among the participating sportspeople are bankers, auctioneers, legal eagles, millionaire philanthropists and dignitaries perceived to form part of the upper crust of Irish society.

We should follow the example of Britain and ban it forever.

John Fitzgerald

Campaign for the Abolition Of Cruel Sports

Lower Coyne St


Co Kilkenny

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