Incomprehensible to give Syria Golan Heights

Given the disintegration of Syria and the consequent presence of Islamic terrorists within a day’s drive, is it any wonder that israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has categorically stated that “the Golan Heights will forever remain in Israeli hands” (World News,18 April)?

Incomprehensible to give Syria Golan Heights

Given the clear and present danger to the Jewish state’s very existence from this existential threat, it would be militarily incomprehensible to cede the Golan Heights back to a Syria that is a global pariah following Bashar al-Assad’s ethnic cleansing of his own people with chemical weapons.

Moreover, as someone who has spent a considerable period of time in the Golan Heights and seen the proximity of a Syrian war machine that has only been kept in check by the wonderfully brave Irish soldiers of the UN, it is hypocritical and disingenuous of the anti-Israel lobby to demand an Israeli withdrawal.

Imagine, if you will, a war machine in the Dublin mountains intent on the destruction of Ireland as an independent state, then ask what you would want your government to do? I suspect the answer would be exactly the same as Netanyahu has done.

Dr Kevin McCarthy,


Co Cork

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