Israel accusations made without a shred of proof

Once again a leading member of a morally defective and hypocritical Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign casually and without a shred of empirical evidence accuses Israel, the only democratic state in the Middle East, of “ethnic cleansing; violence and murder” (Letters, April 1).

Israel accusations made without a shred of proof

These accusations which the BDS movement so casually throw out are always done in response to any challenge to its manipulative narrative which is based on a hypocritical singling out of Israel and ignores the truly apartheid states of the region like Saudi Arabia which is misogynistic, anti-Gay, and undemocratic.

These hypocrisies are usually based by non-historians like Dr Sheerin on a superficial reading of the pseudo-histories of discredited academics like Ilan Pape and Avi Shlaim.

Moreover, to introduce irrational dialogue into such a serious debate by invoking God as Mr Geaney and Dr Sheerin have done does a terrible disservice to the genuine tragedy of Gaza where people have suffered terrible privation and torture at the hands of Hamas, a nihilistic organisation that was elected over a decade ago and has continually denied Gazans an election since.

Perhaps both Mr Geaney and Dr Sherrin should focus their concern on the people who are suffering rather than irrationally introduce God into a tragedy which is man made rather than try to score points in a medieval dialogue that has no place in empirical discourse.

Dr Kevin McCarthy
Co Cork

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