The health, housing, and equality crisis leaves me unable to vote Fine Gael

If I had a 1,000 votes I would not give even one to Fine Gael for the following reasons:

The health, housing, and equality crisis leaves me unable to vote Fine Gael

1). The health service: It is a shambles in spite of all the Fine Gael promises of a few years ago. We now have hundreds of good decent Irish people on trollies every day.

2). The housing crisis: Fine Gael does not accept that we have a crisis. The Taoiseach did not even mention housing while pontificating last week-end. Meanwhile, hundreds of good decent Irish people are being turfed out of the houses.

3). Rich and poor: We have had to contend with a very unfair Government over the past five years. The gap between rich and poor has widened, and now we have the dreadful situation of over 100,000 Irish children living in constant poverty.

4). The water disaster: I am not against water charges, but we never heard who was paid the €50 million just to set up this quango. Many people would be of the opinion that €1million would have been more than adequate.

5)Naas Road: The Government appears to be firmly convinced that Ireland ends at the Naas Road. There might be some recovery inside the Pale, but there are still vast numbers of people throughout Ireland who are unable to get a job.

6). Arrogance: I am so fed up with the arrogance of the current Fine Gael Ministers. They were so anxious for power before the last election that they promised the sun, moon, and stars which of course they failed to deliver.

7).The Moriarty Tribunal report: The Taoiseach said years ago that this report “would not be allowed to gather dust.” Not a word about it since.

8). Auction politics: You cannot cut taxes as the Taoiseach has promised, and increase services. It’s not possible. Who does the Taoiseach and Fine Gael think that they is trying to cod?

The trolley crisis will worsen, as will the housing crisis, as will the gap between rich and poor.

Liam Burke


Co Kilkenny

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