Ireland must make peace and not war

Fergus Finlay usually writes sensibly.
Ireland must make peace and not war

His article “Not helping when France is being terrorised is not neutrality” (Irish Examiner, Nov 27) departs from this rationality. He attacks Ruth Coppinger and Mary Lou McDonald because they dared to urge caution in responding to acts of terrorism.

Of course we must condemn terrorist attacks on the US, UK, Spain, and France, yet we seem to forget our 227 Russian friends killed in the Sinai terrorist attack and the hundreds of thousands killed in the Middle East.

We must also condemn state terrorism especially unjustified Western-led wars waged in clear breach of the UN charter. I have three precious grandchildren living in France but I firmly believe that it would be racist of me to suggest that my grandchildren are more precious than the children who have been killed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, in wars substantially caused by our Western ‘friends’. ISIS is just one of the evil by-products of these wars.

Irish neutrality is not something to be ashamed of, which is why over two-thirds of the Irish people support neutrality. Positive neutrality, which includes active promotion of international peace and development, is the only practical foreign policy for Ireland, enabling us to achieve well beyond our size and economic weight. We can achieve virtually nothing by joining military alliances other than providing a target for terrorism.

Edward Horgan




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