Brussels Briefing: A weekly round-up of the most interesting news from Europe

Get a taste of some of the interesting and quirky happenings in Europe from our Europe correspondent, Ann Cahill.

Brussels Briefing: A weekly round-up of the most interesting news from Europe

Irish universities rated top by students

Irish universities are ranked right at the top when rated by students.

Foreign students spending time at Irish universities rated their experience so highly they beat the usual favourites from Scandinavia and saw British colleges ranked 10th.

The top score was not all about having the craic but was based on the innovative programmes, support structures for students, and their multicultural mix and vivid student life, according to the Study Portals website that carried out the survey.

Maynooth University received an ‘outstanding’ award with students being particularly happy with the charming and lively campus, the close community of students, friendly teachers and small classes.

University College Cork, Galway, and Limerick universities were all rated excellent, while University College Dublin got a ‘very good’.

Speaking a different language

The European Court has just laid plans to build the EU’s tower of babel even higher with its latest ruling on the European Commission’s language regime.

While the EU has 24 official languages — including the most underused in the union, Irish — its 33,000-plus civil servants operate mainly in three: English, French, and German.

Applicants for new jobs must communicate with the recruitment office in one of these three languages, and must be proficient in at least one other of the official languages.

Italy and Spain have always been unhappy about the privileged three and took their case to the European Court of Justice, which has just found in their favour.

The commission arguing that most work is done in the three and that it makes for greater efficiency cuts no ice with the court.

They are considering appealing the court ruling.

Regan begins as European judge

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