We can’t trust Ireland to treat all equally

I write with regards to John Lannon’s letter(‘We helped cause the migrant crisis and so must be part of a solution’, Irish Examiner, September 15).

We can’t trust Ireland to treat all equally

He suggests that demonising Muslims who are fleeing war is dangerous and we should be more inclusive of these people, who have a different faith.

As a Kiwi, working for the Southern Health Board as a social worker, in 2002 I appeared before a judge to give evidence on a particular case.

Prior to being cross-examined, the judge asked me: “Are you a Christian?”.

Well Mr Lannon, I ask you, how can anyone of difference have any faith or trust in this country’s ability and consciousness to treat anyone with difference as equal before God and the Law, never mind the public service that serves itself?

I, too, read Mr Giles’s and Mr McGrath’s letters in the past week.

Let’s cut to the chase: there are religious differences, no ifs and buts.

Recall what the Catholic Church did to the Cathars in France.

I wonder if Mr Lannon will be taking some of these refugees into his home and neighborhood?

Now there’s a real Christian.

John Levi




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