The bulk of migrants have little or no skills

Edel McGinley in her letter on migration (Irish Examiner, August 24) completely ignores the broader context and the long-term impact of migration on Europe and its way of life.

The bulk of migrants have little or no skills

There are over one billion people in Africa and hundreds of millions in the Middle East, most of whom live wretched lives. If Europe sends a signal that it will take all who arrive, it means that within a few generations Europe’s own population will be overwhelmed and replaced.

Ms McGinley says that EU leaders are spreading a climate of fear. On the contrary, it is the massive influx of Third World people and the fear that this arouses which is fuelling political extremism. Even in Sweden, once the most politically correct country in Europe, the anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats are the most popular party according to an opinion poll last week. This is hardly surprising as Sweden’s welfare state is collapsing under the pressure and migrants have fuelled a crime wave, especially in Malmo.

Ms McGinley says that we need these migrants because of their skills and talents. This is nonsense: the bulk of these people are unskilled and have little, if any, education. They will inevitably add huge strain to Europe and its welfare systems.

Dr Frank Giles


Dublin 4

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