Israel rightly created on the site of the original Jewish homeland

Daniel Teegan is ignorant of history (Irish Examiner, Letters, June 25). He bemoans the creation of Israel, in 1948, on the basis that the Palestinians lived there for thousands of years.

Israel rightly created on the site of the original Jewish homeland

He cannot be disputing that the Jewish homeland was where Israel is today, even if some dispute the borders or that there wasn’t a previous state of Israel.

Who does he think King David was?

Secondly, he says Palestine should have become a state after World War Two. The creation of the modern Israel was not unilateral, it followed a vote at the United Nations and that vote also allowed for the creation of a Palestinian state.

The difference, in 1948, was that the Jewish people took their chance to create their state, while the Palestinians squandered theirs. Even if it were true that Israel was solely at fault for the fate that befell the Palestinians, why is it that Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere have treated the Palestinians who live among them so badly? The Jewish community, as the smaller one, has always been an easy target to blame for someone else’s failures. Way easier to blame the ‘Jews’ then admit the ‘elite of the day’ were to blame and if you let the people loose to kill a few thousand Jews and destroy and steal all their property, that will keep the mob at bay from the elite a bit longer.

The Germans used the same tactic to far greater devastation.

So Mr Teegan will be quite aware of why Jewish people started to think the only way to find peace was to create a Jewish homeland, and where else would that be except their place of origin and why would Arabs have a problem with that?

It wasn’t because they were an economic threat, as Arab-Muslim societies were corrupt and backward long before Jewish people started to return to the Middle East in the 19th century.

After World War Two, despite the full knowledge of the horror of the Holocaust, the Arab and Muslim community in the Middle East lacked the basic humanity to welcome Jewish people to live in peace among them, and to acknowledge the suffering the Jewish people had experienced.

It is not the existence of the state of Israel that makes Arab-Muslim communities corrupt, violent, repressive and backward, it is their own internal failures.

Desmond FitzGerald

Canary Wharf


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