Cowardice over Gaza onslaught

"Conquerors of every age attempted to lessen the character of the conquered that they might in a plausible appearance of justice impose their yoke upon them" — John O’Donovan, May 19, 1836.

Cowardice over Gaza onslaught

The displacement of over 200,000 civilians into UN buildings and over 100,000 in Gaza administration facilities like schools, in a place such as Gaza with 1.7m-plus, with nearly 50% 17 years and younger, in an area of 25 miles by between seven and five miles wide is a very grave offence. To have UN officials seven times given GPS coordinates for a UN shelter, including the night on which the Israelis struck the premises with shells, killing over 20, wounding over 120, with 3,300 sheltering there, directed there for shelter by the Israeli military is indicative of Israeli grave misjudgement.

The fact they are not been sanctioned by allies shows the regard absent towards Arabs in centres of power and in the West. Eighty percent of those killed in Gaza by Israeli military are civilians, 50 entire families have been wiped out, so far over 200 young children are dead from shelling by Israeli military out of 1,300 so far killed... This is horrific violence to a people. These are crimes against humanity. The persistent brutality by Israel shows disregard of life in occupied territories.

Hundreds of Arab communities across Palestine were extinguished by Israeli militants between 1946-1948, built or planted over or renamed as Israeli communities. 800,000 Arabs were prevented from returning having fled as hundreds were killed by Jewish militants who in 1948 became the Israeli army.

Obama, the EU, and Arab leaders show cowardice to the world now as was the case. The British mandate of 1923 was indeed against Arabs in order to provide a Jewish homeland and caused much rancour. European powers defined the shape of Palestine in the early 1920s. At least 48% of this was designated Arab by 1947. These citizens in Israel should be inviolate, safe. The others need 40% British mandate Palestine to form their Palestine state.

Tom Ryan

The Forts

Dun Bleisce (Doon)

Co Limerick

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