It’s not U2’s fault that Ireland’s tax is too high

It is often alleged that U2 reduced their tax liability by moving their accountancy base to the Netherlands. The real issue is why taxes are so high in Ireland.

The Fine Gael election manifesto of 2011 promised no rises in income tax. Yet, we got the universal social charge, household tax, septic tank levies and water rates. Pensioners’ Christmas bonuses and telephone and electricity allowances were cancelled. Worst of all, our corporation tax is open to question. The fairest answer would be a harmonised international taxation system. Our tax laws have too many loopholes. Ordinary people pay more than their fair share. PAYE workers are the backbone of the economy, but their hearts are broken.

The politicians have fooled us long enough. Most of us are not rich enough to take a leaf out of U2’s book. Fair play to them for calling the Government’s bluff.

Michael Mernagh


Co Cork

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