Put the questions to us, we’ll do the democracy

It saddens me to hear the Irish people are unable to deal with the “stress” of too many referendums.

When we had two questions to answer on one referendum our poor little brains couldn’t, it seems, cope with the “complexity”.

It brought to mind a presidential election in the USA I once attended in one of Georgia State’s 132 counties! Having been signed in rather grandly as a “foreign observer” I saw the ballot paper contained not only the one Federal question (who do you want as president) but no fewer than 33 other State and Country questions.! Right down to who do you want as sheriff, who as headmistress of the local school, whether old oak tree in Main Street should be cut down etc. etc.

It seems the electorate had no problem coping with those 34 questions! Apparently, America has a peculiar political system called “democracy” whereby the people, rather than corrupt politicians, decide how their own State and County are to be run and use every opportunity to ask the people.

Naturally, the other 131 counties of Georgia had the same federal and state questions but completely different county questions; and of course the other 49 states of the US were all different again, so the population of the US probably coped with well over 50,000 different questions on a single day And we poor Paddies cannot cope with just two for the whole country? Or is it possible the politicians tell us so in order that they make all the decisions and keep us well away from true democracy?

Liam O’Mahony


Co Kilkenny

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