Be wary of totalitarianism

The word on the street is the Seanad costs the Exchequer €20 million a year.

Even so, that figure is only a drop in the ocean of our international debt. Our debts will last for centuries.

Take a stark warning from history. The German Reichstag was burned down on the night of Feb 27, 1933. It was a pivotal event in the entrenchment of Nazi power. Irishmen and Irishwomen should think twice before they scrap the Seanad. That could sow the seeds of totalitarianism in Ireland.

We already have a government within the present Government. A gang of four ministers call themselves the ‘Economic Management Council’. This quartet has concentrated the real power in themselves. Plans are afoot to dilute local government further by merging neighbouring county councils, which have already subsumed town councils. Democracy is delicate. The Seanad is still one of the few constitutional guarantors of our freedom. Let’s strengthen what is broken.

Instead of putting out fires when the horse has bolted, we should be looking for the guys with the matches. Be careful when they smile at you and ask you for a light.

Michael Mernagh


Co Cork

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