It’s time for us to start austerity protest

WITH new rumours emerging of what’s to come in the budget I have been thinking of what the possible reaction could be.

Seeing the Dublin Bus strike made me realise we probably are the coolest and calmest country around. Literally, while a report was going on one of the strikers was waving to the TV cameras, and no he wasn’t waving his little sign, he was waving to get his five minutes of fame. No offence to that guy, but, what kind of a strike allows you to cheesy wave at the cameras?

When I think of strikes I think of the Civil Rights Movement where African-Americans poured onto the streets in their millions demanding to be treated as equals, I think of John Lennon and Yoko Ono protesting during their honeymoon against Vietnam War, the Salt March by Gandhi to protest over the British occupying India. There are literally loads of protests that were extremely peaceful, yet effective.

So what’s up with the Irish? We aren’t really known for our protesting are we? When you hear in other European countries about cuts, bankers being corrupt, political figures being corrupt, look at how they reacted.

Greece went mental throughout their austerity and they didn’t take it lying down. Cypriots withdrew their money from the banks during a banking crisis.

I’m not saying we all go mental during the budget, but a little more reaction please. Don’t go running to the Joe Duffy radio show, don’t trash offices that is illegal; go out on the streets in force if you feel you’ve been wronged by the past governments. Why should we pay for Anglo’s mistakes? Why should we be held responsible for something we were clueless about? It is time to spark our rebellious spirit and not lay down and take it, and have the same ‘sure what can we do?’ attitude.

Gandhi once said ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’. Change obviously isn’t going to come straight away and, to be honest, it isn’t easy. If we are going to fight against austerity and cuts we have to be prepared.

If Germany and the other EU members were smart enough they would let us invest in things that can make money, like agriculture, beef production and the education system. At least that way we can help promote jobs growth and help us recover, instead of, you know yourself, pulling the banks out of their little black hole.

Let’s regroup, fight for what we feel and let’s try and make this country better.

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