Wasting public money on Waterford monuments

Waterford City Council is planning to develop the so-called Viking Triangle at the Mall, Waterford by erecting monuments to Strongbow and Aoife, and John Condon (the youngest soldier in the British army to die in World War I).

Have the bureaucrats in the council taken leave of their senses? By what right are they wasting public money on these monuments? Before erecting anything the City Council should take care of what it already has. Its track record is not great. As is shown by its treatment of the memorial to the 11 Waterford Volunteers in the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War.

In 2004 the City Council donated the site for the memorial, which was paid for by union funds and public subscription. It has since arbitrarily moved it, presumably to make way for the medieval theme park. It has also removed the plaques from the memorial so that visitors to the area have no idea what it represents. It is now time for the city officials to move beyond the medieval period and embrace all of Waterford’s history.

The way city council officials have arbitrarily decided to vandalise this memorial is a disgrace, both to the memory of those Volunteers who went to Spain to fight for democracy and against fascism. It is also an insult both to Waterford citizens and the Spanish people, as all the volunteers were given Spanish citizenship in gratitude for their sacrifice.

These were no child soldiers brainwashed into fighting for redundant empires.

Noel Murphy

Luke Wadding St


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