RTÉ viewers are taken for a ‘ride’

IF you were unfortunate enough to be watching a recent Late Late Show you would have witnessed another example of how the presentation of our national opinion is being misdirected by talentless personalities in certain media circles who have little to contribute to the question of where are we going as a society or as a nation.

Mr Tubridy and his producers decided to have a panel on to discuss the royal wedding and explore the question of the Queen’s visit.

The discussion started with Paul Costello, an Irish luminary in the international fashion trade, outlining his relationship with the royal family, particularly Diana for whom he designed, and also William to whom he is personally acquainted.

Comedian Neil Delamere then proceeded to describe the two Middleton sisters as “rides”, the three-year-old bridesmaids as not being “rides” and then said the British people were going over the top on the event.

I am not a royalist but I, like many Irish people feel genuine goodwill towards the new couple. I am seething that my opinions and that of many others I am aware of, are being misrepresented by our national media.

RTÉ, another state quango stuffed with many overpaid, unaccountable, public servants, has lampooned and insulted our nearest and one of our largest trading partners and now home to many of our recent emigrants.

Britain has extended to us by way of sovereign loan €7 billion to keep this democracy afloat and will be a key ally for us in our future dealings with European financiers.

And what leadership did RTÉ show in recent history when we were bereft of any accountable governance and when financial thuggery of the highest order was perpetrated on the Irish people by our governing elite?

Our licence fee is being directed at an organisation that hasn’t the wit to understand the damage and insult they may have caused in the UK and beyond, with this broadcast from their flagship programme as well as their internet and satellite streaming of same to other commonwealth states.

We can only be thankful that the falling ratings for this programme may have lessened the damage.

Mr Delamere’s descriptive use of the word “ride” would be better applied to us hapless TV licence payers who are being taken for one and being whipped in the process.

Matt Shanahan


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