Education is an issue worth fighting for

THE country finds itself in its present perilous and almost insolvent state due in no small part to the manner in which it was governed for too long, by a ruling elite and political class who were ill-equipped, ill-prepared and ill-educated for the task.

We are in the throes of an election campaign and the canvassers and party activists can be seen on the streets, at the workplace and knocking on doors, looking for those votes. The issues that will demand most attention during this election campaign will be the IMF rescue package and banking crisis, unemployment, the financial hardship being experienced by many families, emigration and the state of the health service.

There is one hugely important item which must be included among these topics for debate and inquiry. And that is education. It is a fact that the more educated an individual is, the more employable they are. There is a clear positive relationship between high skills and economic prosperity. Life-long learning is a popular catchphrase which illustrates the importance of education at every stage of the human life cycle, embracing nursery, pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, tertiary and adult education. I urge everyone to include education among the topics for discussion when speaking with the politicians during the campaign. Education can be the panacea to cope with the glaring inequalities which afflict Irish society today. It is an issue worth fighting for.

Colin Quigley

Chairman INTO

Athboy, Co Meath

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