McCarthyism — the modern Irish version

IN the 1940/’50s, the US endured the terrible scourge of Senator Joseph McCarthy who typified the extreme anti-communist movement in the US during that period.

The terms “reds under the bed” and “McCarthyism” were coined around that time.

Fast-forward to Ireland in 2009 and we have our own brand of McCarthyism. Ordinary citizens here now live in fear of closures of hospital wards and rural garda stations, to name but two. Hard-working citizens are now almost afraid to admit to being employed thanks to McCarthyism 2009-style.

The strangest thing is that those who caused, and those who failed to predict, the economic meltdown (for which the rest of us are paying) have no such fears.

It is precisely this select group who should be afraid not of having reds under their beds but of having the brass (or gold or silver) under their beds being discovered.

And I have little doubt there are many such stashes.

Pat Jordan

Monksfield Heights


Dublin 22

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