Let’s not repeat our neighbours’ mistakes

SURELY we should learn from the experience of our neighbours in mainland Europe and Britain?

After more than half a century of compromise and, eventually, unconditional surrender of established values in order to appease immigrant demands, the European model for multiculturalism and integration has simply failed to deliver.

And we in Ireland are uniquely positioned to benefit from their mistakes.

We know that those countries which did most to facilitate the demands of their immigrant populations — Britain and France — are now beset with major problems of cultural integration.

Most of the problems associated with integration in both of those countries stems from the reluctance of second and third-generation migrants fully to integrate with the host population.

Should the authorities here make an exception to the well-established democratic procedures already signed up to by the majority population in order to facilitate the perceived ‘rights’ of an individual?

Surely this would be akin to repeating the mistakes of our neighbours, and result in our inability to govern effectively and for the common good.

And the shrill response from the London-based Metropolitan Police Sikh Association was, at best, unhelpful.

Be they Sikh, Muslim, or Christian, all must abide by the rules that govern the behavioural and uniform standards of the police in the host country.

If we give in to a demand for what would appear to be a moderate change in uniform on religious grounds, it would set a precedent that could well have serious consequences for future generations.

We must accept the irrefutable evidence of the European experience and act responsibly.

By all means, we should welcome cultural diversity, but not at the expense of our western values.

Niall Ginty

59 The Demesne


Dublin 5

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