Roger Casement ‘treasure’ map bought by Kerry Museum

The Kerry Museum has purchased, at auction, a map drawn by Roger Casement, showing where he reputedly buried gold and silver coins, and other items, near Banna Strand, before he was arrested on Good Friday in 1916.

Roger Casement ‘treasure’ map bought by Kerry Museum

A successful bid of stg£7,000 (about €10,000) — supported by the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht — secured the map and an accompanying note, when it was auctioned by Chorley’s, of Cheltenham, earlier this week.

The items will be put on display at the Kerry Museum and will form an integral part of its ‘Casement in Kerry’ exhibition, which will be opened by President Michael D Higgins on April 21.

The sketch map and note were drawn up by Casement while he was in custody at Scotland Yard.

The ‘Plan of Rath’ suggests that £50 ‘in gold and silver’, along with a lamp and pair of binoculars, were buried ‘under some fern bracken and bramble’ in a fairy fort close to Currahane Moat, near Ardfert.

“The map drawn by Casement solves a 100-year-old mystery,” said Helen O’Carroll, curator of the Kerry Museum. “Casement hid £50 in gold and silver coins, as well as binoculars and a lamp. He drew the map while he was in custody and gave it to his interrogators, so that they would send someone to find the money, which he badly needed at that stage. The map has never been seen since,” she said.

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