VIDEO: More VW's recalled as emission doubts increase

More bad news at VW, where 800,000 new cars are now deemed worth a recall because of failing to hit CO2 limits.

VIDEO: More VW's recalled as emission doubts increase

It is another probably two billion euro loss to add to the other billions VWs’ emission-cheating cars have cost it in the USA this year.

Talks began with the Americans on Tuesday to help determine a fine without having to go to court.

VW and Audi’s bigger engines are also coming under scrutiny after enhanced checks found its four cylinder diesels wanting.

This means Audi and some Porsches are now being checked, and the two luxury brands could get sucked into the scandal that has already destroyed VWs 2015 figures.

VW boss Matthias Mueller came from Porsche to clean up the mess; if his carsare found to have cheated emissions tests too his company will continue to lose credibility.

VW has lost about one third of its value as a business this year over its emissions cheating, with new sales falling through the floor.

The whole range of vehicles is currently being re-tested to find out if any live up to the makers’ promises on cleanliness and safety.

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