Consumer Corner: Ten ways to make some extra money

Different ways you can top up your income to help combat the cost of living crisis
Consumer Corner: Ten ways to make some extra money

Renting a room, your driveway or taking up dog walking are just some of the ways you can make some extra money.

There’s not much we can do about the rising cost of our favourite dish at the local Italian but there are ways to make extra money to help. Here are ten ways you can top up your income to help combat the cost of living crisis.

Rent a room or your home

If you own a house you can rent out a room and not have to pay tax on the money you make. Homeowners are entitled to rent out a room in their homes and make up to €14,000 per year tax free.

If you live close to a university or hospital it can be worth checking to see if they have mailing lists for people looking for accommodation or there may be Facebook groups set up for people looking for rooms.

It is worth checking out the fine print on this on as there are some conditions such as a minimum letting period. However if you do not qualify there are other ways to rent your house out via websites like Airbnb and your home can make money for you if you are away for a while. Universities like UCC too are often looking for homes to house international students and these stays can range from two weeks to a few months. If you do have the room in your home it is certainly a great way to make extra money.

Dog walking and sitting

During the pandemic there was a boom in people buying dogs. At that time everyone was at home all the time. However fast forward to today and many people are now returning to the office and in search of a sitter or walker for their beloved dog. There are apps available such as Pawshake where dog owners can search for walkers and sitters locally to check in on their pets or walk them when they can’t.

Teach a class

Schools and colleges all around the country will be running night classes for adults and will be looking for teachers for these classes. Get in touch with them if you have a skill you think you could pass on and offer your services.


Childminding services could range from a family looking for someone to collect their kids from school or minding kids one afternoon a week. Websites like and Facebook often have a variety of requests from parents and it could suit your schedule while also making some money at the same time.

Baking cakes

Facebook and Instagram are great ways to promote a small business locally. This can be especially so for anyone with a talent for baking. It just starts with a cake and a post and you can start taking orders for your bakes. The beauty about it is you can limit the orders you take so you’re not under pressure but if you are a good baker it can be a great route for selling your goods.


Use your business network and if you can, consulting can be a nice earner. It could be the case that a company is looking for help with a project and you could be just the person you need. Keeping conversations open with your contacts can be beneficial. LinkedIn is a great way to keep an eye on the market.

Craft and Hobbies

Make your hobby work for you. Are you a keen knitter or do you have an idea for a gift that would appeal to people this coming Christmas. There is always a drive to support local every Christmas and if you have an idea for a craft or gift item get started on promoting it on social media and who knows where it could lead. You can start small too and test the water with Facebook and Instagram. Small businesses are now commonplace on social media such as chocolate Christmas puddings or s’mores boxes. We will see a lot of innovation now too for Halloween and the Toy Show.

Sell your stuff

There are lots of websites now where you can sell items that may have been sitting in your cupboards for years. Done Deal, Adverts and Facebook Marketplace are great places to sell items like baby equipment or furniture. Don’t just leave it sitting there, make some money from things you no longer have a use for. It could be exactly what someone is looking for. Set aside a few hours for a selling day. Make sure you take nice pictures and give a good description of the item.

Giving grinds

You may surprise yourself how qualified you would be to help someone with a specific subject. Grinds are not just required for secondary school students, university students and adult learners require grinds too and putting your degree to work could be a nice way to earn some extra income and also help someone with their studies.

Rent your driveway

This can be especially beneficial for anyone living near the city centre or a big employer or a university or hospital. People pay a lot of money to rent out car parking spaces in carparks but renting out your driveway could bag you some handy cash.

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