'Such an intense month': How Ryan Tubridy unwinds after a hectic Late Late Toy Show

The Green Room is 'a dry ship these days' so Tubridy heads elsewhere to enjoy a beer after his craziest work night of the year
'Such an intense month': How Ryan Tubridy unwinds after a hectic Late Late Toy Show

Ryan Tubridy during the Late Late Toy Show 2021's opening sequence. Picture Andres Poveda

We all know what to expect from the Late Late Toy Show, unpredictable as it may be, and the same is true for the host Ryan Tubridy.

Tubridy, who just presented his 13th Toy Show, say’s “all hell breaks loose” once the show starts and the time flies by.

“It’s nearly two hours long, and it goes by in what feels like between about six and eight minutes.” 

An advert for this year’s Toy Show depicts the morning after, with kids — and honorary child Tubridy — nodding off after the big night. What is his Saturday after the Toy Show like?

“Saturday is very large walk by the sea, then a very large order from the Chinese takeaway,” Tubridy says. “Big fire and a movie.” 

 Of course, that all happens the day after the show. On the night itself, once the credits roll Tubridy heads away to unwind with his brother.

“I’ll have a few beers after the show itself — not in the Green Room, that’s a dry ship these days. I’ll go down to one of my brothers’ houses and we’ll have a few drinks. 

"And then the next day, yeah, you do crash for a day or two because it’s been such an intense month. December, weirdly, is a lovely quiet time for me, and then Christmas is beautiful.”

After the beautiful chaos of Friday night's show and the incredible donations they gathered for the Toy Show Appeal, it's a quiet rest that Tubridy has earned.

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