Four women share the worst first dates they’ve been on

From questionable body hygiene to road trip to religious sites, these women have had more than their fair share of downright bad dates.
Four women share the worst first dates they’ve been on

Bad dates are one reason we're secretly happy about spending Valentine's Day at home this year. Picture: iStock

We’ve all had them, those dates that go beyond the normal realms of ‘bad’. Since we’ll all be spending Valentine’s Day at home this year, we decided to reach out and hear about our readers’ worst dating experiences.

Reading these, we already feel better about skipping the cinema/dinner/drinks with a stranger this year.

A ‘moving’ story 

Here’s one that could only happen in Cork. Rosella says the earth didn’t move for her - nor anything else for that matter - when her date brought her on a road trip beyond Kinsale.

No doubt you’re thinking West Cork is a great spot for a date, and don't get us wrong, it is. However, it wasn’t a beach nor a pretty town her companion wanted her to see.

Her date, she says, “took me to the moving statue in Ballinspittle”. We’re not sure if this was their first date, but it was very definitely the last one.

A night at the ‘flicks’ 

File this one under grotesque. Ciara got in touch to tell us about a disgusting experience she had with a guy with some seriously lacking manners. 

His fingers went roaming during the date and the description of what happened next is not for the faint-hearted, or for the faint-stomached for that matter.

“A guy picked his belly button during the date and rolled it in his fingers and then flicked.” 

Run away, Ciara. Run very fast.

The I.O.U. guy 

We’ve all met cheapskates. The ones who count every cent and wouldn’t spend a fine day. Bee has even been on a date with one. 

Her guy offered to buy her drinks, but as it turned out he wasn’t as flush as he made out. 

“He offered to get drinks and then asked me for money as he hadn’t enough to pay for them.” 

Knocked out during the first round.

A series of unfortunate dates 

Dorothy got in touch with us as she had far more than one story of a date going wrong. Like Bee, she was asked for cash on a date too: “He said he’d pay and then asked could I pay and he’d Revolut me later.” We hope he kept his promise.

Dorothy’s dating mishaps read like a bad season of Friends: “The second date where I discovered he had a second row of teeth on the bottom. The one where he fell asleep on a chair in the restaurant after dinner. The one where he said he was married, still. The one where I discovered I was older than his dad.” 

Oh Dorothy. After meeting all those frogs, surely your prince is just around the corner.

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