Searching for the true spirit of Christmas? Look no further than #HomeAtHeart

Searching for the true spirit of Christmas? Look no further than #HomeAtHeart

Readers at home and abroad have reached out to wish a Happy Christmas to the people they love as part of the Irish Examiner's #HomeAtHeart initiative. All pictures submitted by readers.

Welcome to #HomeAtHeart.

This Christmas will be different to every other one, but if there's one thing we've learned from 2020, it's the importance of telling the people we love, that we love them.

When it's all stripped back and all the things that we have taken for granted are swept aside, the important things are left behind. Friends, family, loved ones. The people who we hold dearest in our hearts.

We asked you to write messages to the loved ones you might not see this Christmas, and you have responded in your droves. We've heard from Australia, the US, Greece, the UK...and from all over Ireland too, from people who won't make it home this Christmas and from the readers who would give anything to see them as normal this year.

We've heard from grandchildren who are really missing their grannies. We've heard from mums who might not see their children this year, and from close friends who are each part of the other's traditional Christmas. Each one of them will warm the cockles of your heart.

Every week, in the weeks leading up to Christmas, we will publish as many of your messages as we can in print and online. Whatever you want to say to those you love this Christmas, you can say it here, in The Irish Examiner.

You can search the messages below by typing part of the 'To' name or 'From' name, or you can browse messages by country name. 

Happy Christmas to you and all the people you love, from the Irish Examiner.


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