Podcast Corner: Let's talk about sex with Dolly Alderton 

The popular podcast host and agony aunt has popped up on episodes with author Daisy Buchanan for a chat about lust and life, and with Caroline O'Donoghue to talk Sex And The City 
Podcast Corner: Let's talk about sex with Dolly Alderton 

Dolly Alderton has popped up as a guest on two podcasts,  Daisy is Insatiable and Sentimental Garbage. 

For those looking for a Dolly Alderton podcast fix, after the High Low with Pandora Sykes came to an end in December, she has appeared as a guest on two recent offerings. 

Daisy is Insatiable 

Author Daisy Buchanan hosts the chart-topping You're Booked, "the podcast for literary nosy parkers who would like the chance to snoop around their favourite authors’ bookshelves". Recent guests have included Patricia Lockwood, Marian Keyes, and Raven Leilani, author of Luster, one of the most talked about novels of the year so far.

But Buchanan also has just released a book of her own, Insatiable, which is laden with lust and sex - "absolute filth", according to Irish Examiner columnist Louise O'Neill. To coincide with the novel's release, Buchanan has started a new podcast, Daisy Is Insatiable, an intimate, explicit look at love, lust, life, and "everything that makes sex fascinating". 

First guest: Dolly Alderton, who's also the agony aunt with the Sunday Times. it's refreshing to hear such an unalarmist conversation about sex - Alderton talking about the power dynamics in the bedroom, seeing someone at their most intimate, is particularly interesting. Buchanan asks about professional and personal boundaries in writing.

"I am mortified by a lot of it," Alderton says of some of what she's written in the past. "I feel embarrassed about it, I don't feel shame, I don't feel regret, but it feels very different to who I am now."

Sentimental Garbage

Another great books podcast, featuring conversations about often derided 'chick-lit', host and Irish Examiner columnist Caroline O'Donoghue is besties with Dolly Alderton - their conversation in the Examiner from October is proof. And on the Sentimental Garbage podcast feed, you'll find a mini-series, Sentimental in the City, with the pair taking a boisterous path through each series of Sex and the City. 

The legacy of the HBO show is interesting - see O'Donoghue getting housemates to hide the boxsets if bringing a man home. Alderton says of the show and how it dealt with its titular topic: "They did a f**king good job, they covered most things; if you were to go through the YouPorn categories, they vaguely, in a very vanilla way, touch on most of them." 

With lockdown set to continue, a Sex and the City rewatch, accompanied by the Sentimental in the City podcast analysis, might just get many people through the next few weeks.

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