Drunken fisherman can’t set foot in West Cork

A fisherman has been banned from setting foot in West Cork by a judge following two separate convictions — even if the boat he is working on docks along the coast.

Darren O’Loughlin, aged 28, of 30 Cliona Park, Moyross, Limerick, was first convicted at Bandon District Court of drunkenness in a public place at Market Square, Kinsale, on April 29 last.

O’Loughlin pleaded guilty and was fined €200, with 60 days to pay. Judge James McNulty warned him about how public order matters are dealt with in West Cork and, on leaving the court, O’Loughlin said: “I won’t be back here again, judge.”

However, he was back in court within the hour after a garda, who had travelled to Bandon from Killybegs, Co Donegal, promptly arrested him regarding an incident there on April 12.

After closing time in The Cope pub in the town, where he had been drinking, he was found by a cleaner in the storage area. He ran upstairs and left via a fire escape, said Garda John Malone.

Two crates of alcohol worth €50 had been moved towards the door, although nothing was taken.

O’Loughlin pleaded guilty, as Judge McNulty said these matters were “more serious”.

He sentenced O’Loughlin to 90 days in prison, suspended for two years on the usual conditions involving keeping the peace, being of good behaviour, committing no offence, and also on the basis of a special condition.

“He is not to come back to any place in West Cork,” said the judge.

“If you are out fishing and [the vessel] comes into West Cork you are to stay on board. You are not setting foot on land in West Cork while this sentence is in place.”

O’Loughlin accepted the judge’s conditions.


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