Cattle marts report: Smashing selection of suckler heifers steal the show on a lively day at Listowel mart

A little worse for wear, a bit like you or I might be after a spree in Lisdoonvarna, end-of-season bulls have now started to appear at the marts.
Cattle marts report: Smashing selection of suckler heifers steal the show on a lively day at Listowel mart

With the breeding season coming to a close, and their work done, these sometimes contrary articles, like spent fuses, are being rounded up and shipped off to local cattle sales.

So mart drovers certainly have their work cut out at the moment.

The younger Friesian bull of about 450kg is making a little over €100 with the weight at the marts, and is being snapped up with the aim of putting a few kilos on him before sending him on his final journey, presumably before Christmas.

In Listowel mart in Kerry last Thursday, I saw young beef bulls between 400kg and 500kg making €2/kg, with one Angus bull tipping the scales at 1,000kg making €1,500.

But the highlight for me at Listowel cattle mart on Thursday last was the sale of some smashing suckler heifers.

A reduction sale of 22 very nice breeding heifers from the farm of Maurice McCarthy at Lixnaw, were up for grabs on the day in Listowel.

Mostly of the Aberdeen Angus and Hereford variety and weighing between 500kg and 600kg, they had been with the bull between October and Christmas, and were all in calf, with some on the point of calving.

I met Listowel mart manager Barney O’Connell after the cattle sale on Thursday and he gave me more details on the heifers.

“The 22 outstanding heifers sold today were 30 months old and springing to a five-star PBR Aberdeen Angus. They were a selection of Limousin, Hereford and Aberdeen Angus heifers from Friesian dams.

“These easy-to-handle heifers radiated quality. They ranged in price from €1,050 to €1,290,” he said.

“We also had a very nice selection of factory cows, heifers, bullocks and bulls on Thursday and again demand here was strong,” Barney added.

Turning to the weanling show and sale which was held at Listowel mart on the previous day, Barney had the following observations to add: “We were delighted with the high quality of weanlings that were on offer, which were mostly autumn born.

“It proved to be a very successful sale. The weanling and calf sales will now continue on Wednesdays and we will have another show and sale of spring born weanlings in a few weeks from now.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Ch steer 585kg 1135

8 Fr steers 371kg 650

3 Hr steers 401kg 885

12 AA heifers 573kg 1145

2 Fr cows 737kg 1065

2 Fr cows 707kg 1025

1 Ch cow 765kg 1200

A bit like a Russian weightlifter, it’s all up at the marts this week. A good strong lift in the trade over the week put sweat onto the brows of buyers in Macroom mart on Saturday. Demand was up, prices were up.

In Macroom on Saturday, dry cows sold from €100 under to €625 over the kilo. Continental bullocks sold from €295 to €690 over the kilo.

Hereford and Aberdeen bullocks sold from €250 to €645 over their weight. Heifers in Macroom on Saturday sold from €230 to €865 over the kilo.



No Breed Sex Weight €

5 Lm steers 595kg 1285

4 Lm steers 475kg 1150

2 Hr steers 380kg 805

1 Ch heifer 675kg 1540

2 Ch heifers 570kg 1260

1 AA cow 780kg 1320

1 BB cow 685kg 1310

Prices were also on the up in Thurles mart on Monday, I spoke to mart manager, Martin Ryan, after the cattle sale.

“There was a large increase in numbers here on Monday, which might in part be due to the fact that there was no sale here the previous week, on account of the bank holiday.

“I imagine the demand is also being driven by a number of buyers who had refrained from buying in the weeks after Brexit.

“The market has certainly steadied across the board with the most significant increase seen for the quality lots. An example here in Thurles would be six heavy continental stores weighing 555kg, on Monday they made €1420.

“One Limousin bullock weighing 770kg made €1,760.

“Overall, we had a variety of customers, northern buyers snapping up heavy stores, as well as farmers looking for cattle to finish. Top quality steers are being bought to be finished off on grass and ration. There is a strong demand from midlands buyers for both bullocks and heifers.

“Weanling bulls here on Monday were bought mostly by local finishers to be finished as bulls. Lighter lots being bought to be castrated and stored for the winter. Continental bulls averaged €2.25/kg with top quality U grade types making €2.40/kg.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

2 Lm steers 567kg 1260

4 Fr steers 395kg 715

6 Ch steers 464kg 1100

6 Hr steers 431kg 1000

3 Ch heifers 328kg 825

2 Lm heifers 400kg 1010

1 Fr cow 650kg 960

Next we turn to Kanturk and to mart manager, Seamus O’Keeffe, who on Tuesday evening gave us this report following the cattle sale.

“We saw 365 animals go through both rings today, with a 99.9% clearance.

“Our next weanling show and sale is an autumn born weanling show and sale and will take place on August 23rd, kindly sponsored by Southern Milling, Cork.

“Also on the same day in ring 1 we will have a store heifer promotion, sponsored by Southern Milling, Cork. The winner will receive a half tonne of ration for the best price per kg achieved in the sale ring for a minimum of three heifers. International Miss Macra 2016, Ms Sinéad Guine,y will be in attendance to assist with the prize giving.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 BB steer 705kg 1350

1 AA steer 685kg 1225

1 Lm steer 500kg 1165

1 Hr heifer 515kg 1070

1 AA heifer 520kg 1050

1 Ch cow 665kg 1160

1 Lm cow 615kg 1080

Bandon mart on Monday had 200 calves on offer with mart manager Tom McCarthy reporting an “excellent trade for calves”. Friesian bull calves in Bandon sold from €110 to €170 with runner types selling for up to €370 a head. Continental bullocks here sold from €450 to €700 with the kilo. Aberdeen Angus and Hereford bullocks sold from €300 to €600 with the kilo. Friesians sold from €210 to €500 with the kilo. Heifers in Bandon on Monday made from €250 to €675 with the kilo. Dry cows made from €50 to €580 with the kilo.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Lm steer 500kg 1165

1 Ch steer 445kg 1045

6 Hr steers 457kg 900

5 Fr heifers 519kg 845

2 AA heifers 390kg 790

1 Ch cow 820kg 1400

1 Fr cow 760kg 1070

“There was an excellent trade here again this week, for bullocks, heifers and dry cows. A much larger sale met a very strong demand for all weights,” Sean Leahy, Corrin Mart manager reported.

In Corrin on Tuesday, store bullocks sold from €220 to €500 over the kilo, with beef bullocks making up to €680 over the kilo. Store heifers in Corrin made from €270 to €430 over the kilo with butcher types making up to €700 over the kilo.

Dry cows sold from €480 up to €1,210 a head.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Sim steer 820kg 1500

4 AA steers 566kg 1180

4 Lim steers 437kg 1035

1 Ch heifer 500kg 11090

1 Hr heifer 560kg 1155

1 Hr cow 800kg 1210

1 Fr cow 805kg 1080

In Skibbereen on Friday, August 19, a weanling sale will feature prizes for the bestselling (€/kg) male and female weanling. At last Friday’s sale, dry cows sold from €1/kg to €530 with the kilo.

Heifers in Skibbereen made from €350 to €600 with their weight. Bullocks in Skibbereen sold from €300 to €770 with the kilo.



No Breed Sex Weight €

3 Ch steers 591kg 1360

3 Lm steers 436kg 1090

3 AA steers 456kg 990

6 Hr steers 383kg 835

1 Lm heifer 670kg 1400

5 Ch heifers 475kg 1065

1 Ch cow 890kg 1420

“We had a big sale of cattle here on Monday, with a lively trade for all types of store bullock and heifer,” Ger Flynn, Dungarvan mart manager reported after Monday’s cattle sale.

“There has been a noticeable improvement in the trade in recent weeks.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

2 Hr steers 720kg 1380

3 AA steers 700kg 1340

4 Ch steers 552kg 1200

2 Lm heifers 430kg 1060

4 AA heifers 440kg 905

6 Ch heifers 441kg 900

1 Fr cow 595kg 1070

And finally for this week we go to Kilmallock, where Denis Kirby reported “a flying trade” for cattle on Monday.

“Prices were very strong for all types of cattle here, especially for the lighter lots. Bullocks were much easier to sell this week with plenty of customers at the ringsides.”

Bullocks made up to €2.68 per kg. Dry cows sold for up to €1.62 per kg.

Heifers went to a high of €2.37 per kg. Suckler cows sold for prices of up to €1,580 (which was paid for a four-year-old Limousin and her Charolais bull calf), while across in the dairy ring, a top price of €1,180 was paid for a two-year-old in-calf heifer.

At the weanling show and sale held in Kilmallock mart on Monday, the champion of the show was a Limousin bull owned by Tony Roche, Ballywire, Kilross, Co Tipperary.

This bull, born on October 15, 2015, weighed 435kg, and was sold for €1,390 or €3.51 per kg.

There were some 200 top class weanling on view at the show and sale.

While prices were back a little on last year, trade was described as “brisk”, especially for the lighter lots.

Heifers went to a high of €1,500 each, or €3.29 per kg. GVM. would like to thank the sponsors of the Show, Kerry Agri Business, Irish Charolais Society, Irish Limousin Society, Powers Solicitors and Dovea Genetics, Thurles.

Thanks also to the sellers for the top quality of stock on offer and to purchasers for making the sale a big success.

The show judges were Ted Boyce and John O’Shea.

The next weanling show and sale at Kilmallock mart will take place on Monday. September 12.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Ch steer 355kg 865

4 Hr steers 370kg 860

1 Lm steer 315kg 840

1 AA heifer 305kg 655

4 Hr heifers 310kg 735

1 AA cow 480kg 630

1 Fr cow 630kg 950

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