Cattle marts report: Good mood at marts, cattle numbers keep going up as the rain keeps coming down

Monday was a super day weather wise. And I thought as I journeyed to Kilmallock mart that the good times had finally arrived.
Cattle marts report: Good mood at marts, cattle numbers keep going up as the rain keeps coming down

I even left out my calves before striking off, thinking optimistically that they might never see the inside of a house again.

The sky was blue, the sun beamed, there were plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

And in such almost balmy conditions, it was no surprise that the numbers of cattle on offer in Kilmallock were up.

Kilmallock mart on Monday had 1,737 stock, including 675 calves on offer. Prices continued strong with farmer demand driving the trade.

Bullocks in Kilmallock on Monday made up to €2.67 per kg with some Friesians making over €2 per kg for the first time this year.

There were 180 dry cows on offer in Kilmallock, making up to €1.89 per kg. A noticeably big number of heifers on offer went to a high of €3.02 per kg.

In-calf dairy stock sold for up to €1,560 (which was paid for a 2½-year-old springing to Aberdeen Angus) while sucklers hit a high of €1,440 (paid for an eight-year-old Aberdeen Angus and her Charolais bull calf). While there, I spoke to Denis Kirby about the calf trade.

“The trade for 95% of the calves on offer was very strong,” he said.

“We had 97 buyers purchasing calves. Some Friesian bulls two weeks old made up to €235.

"However the poorer type of Holstein was a slower seller. The majority of Friesian bulls here made from €80 to €180 each.”

On Monday next, February 22, Kilmallock mart’s Spring Dairy Show and Sale takes place.

Starting at 11.30 with over 200 dairy stock booked in, it offers an ideal opportunity to purchase some top class stock.

The calf sale in Kilmallock will commence at 8.30am (intake open at 6am).

Weanling bulls and dry cows will commence at 10am.



No Breed Sex Weight €

3 Fr steers 378kg 745

1 Ch steer 550kg 1190

1 Lm heifer 460kg 1055

1 Ch heifer 415kg 1020

2 Hr heifers 480kg 1020

1 Sim heifer 400kg 990

3 AA heifers 455kg 935

Dungarvan mart too gloried in that Monday sun, mart manger Ger Flynn gave us this report: “We had a bigger sale with a very good trade for all types of stores, the spring day has really lifted spirits. We also had a very good dry cow trade.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Fr steer 720kg 1350

5 AA steers 550kg 1100

3 AA steers 535g 1085

1 AA heifer 600kg 1180

6 AA heifers 336kg 740

4 AA heifers 346kg 740

1 Fr cow 715kg 1015

And while Monday did certainly lift spirits as Ger said, by Tuesday the weather had taken a serious turn for the worst, the rain returning with a vengeance.

We went from thoughts of bermudas to thermal underwear overnight. My calves, after tasting freedom on Monday, were back confined to barracks on Tuesday.

Tuesday was the kind of day best remembered as a day we should try and forget.

However, that said, the trade for cattle in Kanturk mart on Tuesday remained bright, mart manager Seamus O’Keeffe gave us this report,

“Today was our biggest sale of the year so far with over 350 calves, 93 cows, 154 bullocks, 103 heifers and a special entry of 30 sucklers.

“Customers countrywide were present at both ringsides with exceptional prices for store bullocks and dry cows. On Saturday, February 20, we have a suckler clearance sale of 40 top class Limousin cows — which included the sale of ten three-year-old heifers from a prize winning herd.

“This is a top class herd of mostly young cows, calving in February and March to a purebred Limousin bull for John and Joan O’Regan, Killinane, Liscarroll. Following this sale we will have a dairy sale with 50 animals entered. This will start at 1pm sharp.”



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Ch steer 565kg 1145

1 Lm steer 470kg 1050

4 Ch steers 365kg 1020

2 AA steers 485kg 1010

1 Fr steer 505kg 1005

1 AA heifer 575kg 1145

1 Ch cow 710kg 1100

Bandon mart on Monday had 1,000 calves on offer, with mart manager Tom McCarthy reporting a “better trade for calves”.

Dry cows in Bandon made from €100 to €530 with the kilo. Friesian bullocks sold from €200 to €450 with their weight. Continental bullocks made from €550 to €800 with the kilo. While Aberdeen Angus and Hereford bullocks sold from €300 to €750 with the kilo.

Heifers in Bandon made from €400 to €700 with the kilo.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Lm steer 630kg 1470

7 AA steers 297kg 735

3 Fr steers 651kg 1100

5 Hr steers 481kg 990

1 AA heifer 645kg 1340

1 Hr heifer 530kg 1050

1 Fr cow 800kg 1160

Next we turn to Macroom mart and to mart manager John O’Mahony who gave us this report following Saturday’s cattle sale.

“We had a good sale of cattle in Macroom Mart on Saturday, with prices holding firm for all types of stock.

“We had a good selection of calves with both shippers and farmers at the ring side.

“Friesian bull calves for export sold from €60 to €90 with stronger calves making up to €255. Hereford and Aberdeen bull calves sold from €170 to €355, while Hereford and Aberdeen Angus heifers sold from €130 to €325.”

Dry cows in Macroom on Saturday sold from €180 under to €530 with the kilo. Friesian bullocks sold from €185 to €455 over their weight.

Continental bullocks made from €235 to €760 with the kilo. Hereford and Aberdeen Angus bullocks sold from €215 to €625 over the kilo. Heifers in Macroom sold from €220 to €595 with their weight.



No Breed Sex Weight €

3 Fr steers 300kg 585

2 Ch steers 640kg 1400

2 Lm steers 505kg 1155

4 Hr steers 430kg 950

2 AA heifers 585kg 1180

1 Fr cow 720kg 1250

1 BB cow 680kg 1180

In Skibbereen mart on Friday last dry cows sold from €50 to €600 with the kilo. Bullocks sold from €250 to €750 with the kilo. Heifers ranged in price from €300 to €515 with the kilo.



No Breed Sex Weight €

2 AA steers 702kg 1455

2 Lm steers 317kg 870

3 Sh steers 303kg 740

2 Hr heifers 535kg 1050

1 Lm heifer 400kg 915

1 Sim cow 865kg 1460

1 Ch cow 730kg 1320

And moving along, we go next to Monday’s cattle sale at Thurles mart in Tipperary, where we talk to local mart manager Martin Ryan.

“We had a very strong store bullock trade and calf trade on Monday, with a lot of smaller cattle out,” he said.



No Breed Sex Weight €

4 Fr steers 450kg 940

4 Ch steers 284kg 875

1 Sim steer 270kg 750

1 BB steer 494kg 1155

4 Lm steers 530kg 1250

6 Ch heifers 286kg 780

4 Lm heifers 405kg 960

And finally for this week we visit Corrin, where on Tuesday last the mart had 1,100 cattle on offer with mart manager Sean Leahy reporting a larger bullock sale with “a good strong trade.”

In Corrin mart, store bullocks sold from €230 to €490 over the kilo, with the beef bullocks making up to €750 with their weight.

Store heifers in Corrin made up to €500 over the kilo, with butcher types making up to €690 with the kilo.

Dry cows here sold from €400 to €1,270 a head.



No Breed Sex Weight €

1 Fr steer 815kg 1500

4 Lm steers 410kg 1045

1 AA steer 600kg 1235

8 Fr steers 267kg 635

1 Sim heifer 540kg 1230

2 Hr heifers 497kg 1060

1 Fr cow 920kg 1270

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