Johnson quits May’s cabinet: Good riddance

Anyone who cares for democracy, especially European or British democracy, must hope that Boris Johnson’s resignation from Theresa May’s cabinet yesterday afternoon is the closing act in his toxic and dishonest political career.

He may, however, like a scorpion hiding under a stone, resurrect himself in one guise or another. He is, after all, very flexible. 

His period as Britain’s foreign secretary brought that once-significant office to an unprecedented low.

His single-minded commitment to his personal ambitions, his relentless focus on the next best chance no matter what betrayal or U-turn that entailed, marked him down as a political chameleon unfettered by anything remotely like principle. 

Though suave and articulate, he is no more than a Bullingdon Club version of Donald Trump.

Only time will tell if he is finished in politics or if he will mount a challenge to Theresa May’s leadership, but one thing is certain — should Britain’s Conservative Party be mad enough to even consider him as its leader, our world will be a far darker place. 

Good riddance.

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