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Fishery re-opened - A disgraceful concession

YESTERDAY’S decision by Minister of State for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Conor Lenihan to reopen a commercial salmon fishery in Kerry’s Castlemaine Harbour is a disgrace.

There is not another country on the Atlantic seaboard that would contemplate let alone enact a measure that wold facilitate increased commercial fishing for Atlantic salmon, a species whose population is but a shadow of its former glories. We have all enthusiastically condemned Japan because they continue to kill whales for "research purposes". Yesterday’s "pilot programme" can be seen in the same shabby, disingenuous light.

It may seem a relatively small concession to a fishing community who have seen their traditional salmon income decimated but it is much more. It is another sad indication that we have not found the moral courage to put environmental responsibilities before commercial opportunity. Is it any wonder that this magnificent and once bountiful species is careering towards extinction? Shame on you Mr Lenihan.