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Report ‘smeared all the religious in Dublin’

YOUR front page headline quoting Marie Collins, ‘Nothing has changed’ since the release of the 720-page Murphy report is ridiculous beyond belief (December 2).

The report has overtly and covertly smeared every priest, brother and nun in the Dublin archdiocese for the past generation.

Is that not a change? I am at a total loss as to what those people who claim to have been sexually molested by members of the clergy want that they have not already been given.

Should there be an investigation into every diocese in the entire island – will it stop then? Should investigations be held in every country in the world that has a Catholic presence? Should the Pope be removed from office? And/or should every person who claims to have been molested in any fashion be paid €100,000 or more?

It is time for all of us to condemn the atrocities that were committed by members of the clergy – which has already been done umpteen times – and then ask for a national day of repentance and reconciliation. Revenge is not a virtue, it is a vice. The Irish people have been given their pound of flesh. Enough have suffered – both those who were molested and the innocents whose names and reputations have been smeared for life.

Vincent J Lavery
Coliemore Road
Co Dublin