Some of the stranger stories from around the world


Quriky World: Children's TV star is a big hit with Mums

Some of the stranger stories from around the world

Quriky World: Children's TV star is a big hit with Mums

Attraction blooms


Mr Bloom actor Ben Faulks admitted receiving a few “rather fruity letters” from mothers who have found an unlikely sex symbol in the children’s show gardener.

He plays a jolly horticulturist in CBeebies show Mr Bloom’s Nursery alongside his basket of vegetable pals, but he has grown an army of admirers among the parents of his young viewers.

Speaking about whether there had been any advances made on him by such mothers, he told the Mirror: “There have been letters. Rather fruity letters. And Valentine’s cards. Maybe a few marriage proposals.

“One lady knitted me a lovely turnip. I’m flattered mums find Mr Bloom an endearing fellow, despite his wellies and tank top.

“I give all credit to the make-up department, prosthetics and special effects. It’s nice to know there’s a lot of love out there.”

The green-fingered actor, 37, has been the subject of lewd posts on the CBeebies Facebook page.

Disappointingly for his fans, Faulks is married to wife Mimi and the pair have three children. “She thinks it’s very, very laughable,” he admitted.

Love at first whiff

US: Love at first whiff is the idea behind Smell Dating, a New York matchmaking service that promises to help single people sniff out their perfect match by breathing in the odours from dirty T-shirts.

Artist Tega Brain, who teaches at New York’s School for Poetic Computation, and Sam Lavigne, an editor and researcher at New York University, created Smell Dating, which they describe as an art project.

Each of its first 100 clients received a T-shirt to wear for three days straight without bathing. The clients then mailed the T-shirts back to Brain and Lavigne’s “Sweat Shop” at NYU, where they were cut into swatches. Smell Dating then sent batches of 10 mixed swatches back to the clients to sniff this week.

A match will be made if one client likes the scent of another and the olfactory attraction is mutual. In other words, if “Client 55” likes “Client 69” and vice-versa, put a heart around it, Brain said.

The idea is based on the science of pheromones, the chemical signals that creatures from gerbils to giraffes send out to entice mates.

Across the miles


A Japanese couple travelled more than 6,000 miles to get married in Philadelphia with some help from the organisation that first brought the groom to the city six years ago. reports Yusuke Yoda, aged 33, and Kazuko Inoue, aged 35, tied the knot on Thursday during the Rotary Club’s weekly lunch.

The linguistics lecturers at Tokyo University tried to arrange their wedding from across the Pacific, but didn’t know any caterers, photographers, reception halls, or even a judge to marry them.

That’s when they remembered the Rotary Club. The organisation had sponsored a scholarship to bring Yoda to the University of Pennsylvania for graduate school.

The Rotarians found a judge, a photographer and a cake. They toasted the newlyweds who travelled across the world to get married at a Rotary lunch.

Save the bacon


A pastry has helped save the life of a pot-bellied piglet that was abandoned on a busy highway in New Jersey.

A motorist called the Barnyard Sanctuary after seeing another driver toss the animal onto the side of Interstate 80 on Wednesday.

Director Tamala Lester told WNBC-TV the motorist stood guard by the terrified piglet for 45 minutes until she could get to the scene. Lester says she used a cherry danish to lure the animal closer and grabbed its hind legs to take it to safety.

The piglet has been named “Cherry.” It is recovering at an animal sanctuary and will be put up for adoption.

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