QUIRKY WORLD ... Tunnel a threat to earliest Stonehenge settlement

ENGLAND:  Archaeologists have uncovered a Stone Age “eco-home”. It is evidence of the earliest settlement discovered around Stonehenge.
QUIRKY WORLD ... Tunnel a threat to earliest Stonehenge settlement

But experts fear the significant find could be lost or damaged, if the Government builds a tunnel to remove the A303 from the World Heritage Site landscape.

The discovery has revealed a Mesolithic home, dating from 4336 BC to 4246 BC, formed from the giant base of a large, fallen tree, which was used to make the wall of the house, with roofing made from animal skins.

Drugs in chocolate bars

USA: The dozens of individually wrapped chocolate bars in the luggage of a man flying from California to Japan seemed odd to a federal Customs and Border Protection officer. They turned out to be four pounds of methamphetamine covered by a “chocolate-like substance.”

That bust, at Los Angeles International Airport in July, 2012, was one of tens of thousands of drug seizures made by customs agents each year at US airports.

The customs officers have found drugs disguised as cream filling in cookies, in bags of coffee, bottles of rum, and inside bricks of frozen meat.

“Drug smugglers, mules, what have you, they use various consumer methods. Depending on how much experience they’ve had, (officers have) probably seen every consumer method under the sun,” said Anthony Bucci, the public affairs specialist for Customs and Border Protection’s New York regional office.

Customs officials made 153,000 drug seizures between the 2011 and 2015 fiscal years, in the top five ports of entry alone. There were 72,00 stops in the New York region in the five years, and 36,000 in Chicago.

14 dead cats in suitcase

USA: A North Carolina woman has been charged after 14 dead cats were found in a suitcase near a trash bin at an apartment complex.

Aimee Cook, 41, of Cornelius, was charged with 14 counts of animal cruelty.

Police say an employee at the complex discovered the suitcase. The employee recognised one of the dead cats as Cook’s. Cook told police she was overwhelmed by the cats, “due to recent unplanned litters.” She said she had tried but failed to relocate the cats to no-kill shelters, so euthanised them.

Sand-tiger sharks arrive

ENGLAND: The National Marine Aquarium has welcomed two new sharks, the first captive-bred sand tiger sharks in the northern hemisphere.

They travelled from South Africa, where they are known as ragged-tooth sharks — one female, called uShaka, and one male, called Mandela. They were born at the uShaka Seaworld, Durban, in March, 2013, and December, 2014, respectively.

The sharks are in quarantine at the Plymouth aquarium, and will be released into the Atlantic Ocean tank in the coming weeks.

Stuffed-animal footballers

USA: Taxidermist Nick Saade has honoured Michigan State’s American football victory over Michigan with a display of dead and stuffed chipmunks portraying the players.

One stuffed chipmunk, wearing a Spartan helmet, crosses the goal line with a football, while chipmunks with Michigan helmets are in pursuit. A referee chipmunk has its arms raised to signal a touchdown. His display is on sale for $1,500.

Halloween-doll passenger

USA: A man has tried to use a creepy Halloween doll to gain access to a carpool lane in Washington. He was caught in Tacoma with a doll buckled up in the passenger seat, violating the rule that requires two or more people in carpool lanes.

The doll, dressed in a pink outfit with a black hat, sported a creepy, red skeletal face.

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