QUIRKY WORLD ... Mystery mascot unearthed in Scotland

SCOTLAND: A mascot from the first Commonwealth Games held in Scotland almost half a century ago has been uncovered.

QUIRKY WORLD ... Mystery mascot unearthed in Scotland

A new exhibition being held to chart more than 80 years of Scotland’s involvement in the Commonwealth Games has unearthed a previously unknown character from the 1970 Games which took place in Edinburgh.

The exhibition, curated by the University of Stirling archives, started a tour of Scotland earlier this year and has seen its contents grow as members of the public donate their own memorabilia.

Rare deep water whale

USA: A rarely-seen deep water whale has washed up on a Massachusetts beach and biologists are investigating how it came to be there.

The carcass of the 17ft female, weighing almost a ton, was found on Jones Beach in Plymouth.

New England Aquarium biologists and staff from the International Fund for Animal Welfare are performing a post-mortem at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. They believe the whale is a Sowerby’s beaked whale, but the aquarium has not handled a beaked whale since 2006.

Digger crashes into pub

WALES: Police are investigating after a digger crashed into a pub. The incident caused considerable damage at the Royal Oak hotel, Penclawdd, Swansea. There have been no injuries and no arrests. Fire and ambulance services were called to inspect the safety of the property following the collision.

A spokesman for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: “A JCB collided with the front wall causing partial collapse of that area of the building. We isolated the utilities to make sure everything was safe.”

Lion low

USA: Police closed off streets near a park in north Milwaukee on Saturday after reports of a “lion-like animal”, which came days after people said they had a seen a lion prowling city streets.

Milwaukee police and the Department of Natural Resources responded to the area, at 30th and Fairmont streets for what a statement called “a confirmed sighting of a lion-like animal”.

The animal was not found, it added, but police would maintain a presence through the night. Local residents reported earlier on Saturday they had seen a lion and her cub in a creek in the park.

About 15 people gathered by the park, where the streets were closed off by police, hoping for a sighting.

On Tuesday, a white pit bull dog was shot in the paw after apparently having been mistaken for the lion reported to have been prowling city streets. It was expected to fully recover.

Milwaukee Zoo said all its lions were accounted for.

Putin job joke

RUSSIA: Did Vladimir Putin offer former Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi a job as economy minister? Berlusconi says it was just a joke while the Russian leader said any support was “metaphorical”.

A boast by Berlusconi that his old friend and Russian president had offered to make him economy minister made headlines around the world.

However, Berlusconi’s spokeswoman, Deborah Bergamini, says he was just joking, and Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov says the president was not really offering the Italian a job.

Peskov said Putin was offering only “metaphorical support” — “not as a formal offer to occupy any official post” — noting that foreigners cannot work in the Russian government.

Drunken swim

USA: A drunken-driving suspect who ran naked from a hospital and jumped into an eastern Pennsylvania lake must stand trial for disorderly conduct and other charges.

The defence lawyer for Gregory Morten, 29, of New Hope, Pennsylvania, argued that his client was so drunk and mentally disturbed that he could not think clearly and did not intend to disturb the public or endanger rangers at Core Creek Park in Middletown.

Morten was arrested on June 6 because police say his blood-alcohol content was more than four times the legal limit after a car crash.

That was when he ran from St. Mary Medical Centre and jumped into the lake where he kept authorities at bay by swimming around, sometimes underwater, for about an hour. He is still awaiting a hearing on the charges.

Owl encounter

USA: A sheriff’s deputy in Colorado got into a face-off with an owl with an attitude, and the owl won.

Deputy Sophie Berman came across the raptor on a dirt road as Berman patrolled an area near a campground west of Boulder.

Berman crouched down to take video of the owl and spoke to the owl, which answered Berman’s words with clicks. The owl stared wide-eyed at the deputy for a few minutes before turning around and flying away.

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