QUIRKY WORLD...Teen issues parking ticket to police officer


QUIRKY WORLD...Teen issues parking ticket to police officer

A Texas teenager recently decided to stick it to the man when she saw a police car illegally parked in her neighbourhood — and wound up with a reward for keeping a cop in line.

Annie James, 14, issued a handwritten $10 (€7.20) parking ticket to Officer Tommy King, whose patrol car was parked in a fire zone in an apartment complex.

“He was parked on the side of the building and it was a fire lane all the way around,” Annie told KPRC-TV.

“I came to my car and I saw a piece of paper on my windshield,” King said. “I took it off and opened it and read it and I started laughing immediately.”

The “ticket” informed King he needed to pay $10 to the manager of the apartment complex. “I thought it was neat that she made that for $10 but not to herself,” King said.

Not only did the officer pay the fine — he gave Annie a $40 gift card to Toys R Us.


ENGLAND: A snapping turtle native to Canada and the US has been re-homed after being abandoned.

A member of the public who found the turtle in a box at the side of a road in Dartford, Kent, described it as a “type of dinosaur”.

Local animal charity Artisan Rare Breeds has now taken in the 36cm male reptile and it will live there for life.

The centre’s director, Wayne May, said: “It’s really unusual to see one of these on the loose. They can be quite dangerous as pets. You don’t just buy one of these.”


USA: An traffic control recording has revealed the confusion when a plane landed at the wrong airport.

In a recording released by the Federal Aviation Administration, an air traffic controller at the main airport in Branson, Missouri, can be heard clearing Southwest Flight 4013 to land. After the plane stopped, one of the pilots radioed: “I assume I’m not at your airport.”

The Branson tower called a regional air traffic centre to check on the plane, then relayed news that the pilot said he had landed at a smaller Branson-area airport. “Are you kidding?” an official in Springfield responded.

“No, I’m not,” the Branson tower answered.


ROMANIA: It is furniture fit for a dictator and now it is up for sale. Twenty-five years ago, the Communist Party politburo ordered a bespoke set of intricately carved rosewood, walnut, and cherrywood furniture as a birthday present for former Romanian leader Nicolae Ceausescu.

However, Ceausescu neverreceived the gift. He was executed during the 1989 anti-communist revolt, a month before his 72nd birthday, the Politburo was disbanded and the furniture was never paid for.

Now Imar, a Romania firm that been has making furniture since 1890and once made pieces for Romanian kings, is selling off the three tonnes of wooden pieces as it is insolvent.

The starting price is €50,000. Imar said it had previously had inquiries about the furniture from singer Elton John and from wealthy people, but until now had decided not to sell the pieces, considering them to be national heritage.


USA: A girl who says she asks everyone she meets to buy Girl Scout cookies has broken a decades-old sales record.

Katie Francis, of Oklahoma City, sold 18,107 boxes in the seven-week sales period. The previous mark was set by Elizabeth Brinton, who sold about 18,000 one year in the 1980s.

Katie told The Oklahoman there were only three ingredients needed to rack up large sales: A lot of time, a lot of commitment, and asking everyone she met to buy. Her troop receives a share of the proceeds from the fundraiser and intends to donate to breast cancer research.

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