Quirky World ... Lady Gaga gets friend to vomit on her

USA: Lady Gaga has been accused of glamorising eating disorders after a vomit artist threw up on her — on purpose — during a performance at a festival-

Quirky World ... Lady Gaga gets friend to vomit on her

X Factor USA judge Demi Lovato — who has battled eating disorders in the past — lashed out at the singer on Twitter, claiming there was nothing “cool” about the gig.

She tweeted: “Sad… As if we didn’t have enough people glamorizing eating disorders already. Bottom line, it’s not ‘cool’ or ‘artsy’ at all.”

The controversial performance was at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, on Thursday night. The audience was left shocked after the singer got her friend Millie Brown, a vomit artist, to throw up on her while she sang the track ‘Swine’.

At the beginning of the song, Millie drank a bottle of neon green liquid which she then vomited back onto Gaga after sticking her fingers down her throat. Millie then climbed onto a bucking bronco and started drinking a bottle of black liquid which she then puked over Gaga.

UK: Men would spend more than four hours having sex and barely three-and-a-half hours working in an “ideal day”, a survey has found.

Research conducted for Unilever Compressed deodorants also found 64% of men confessed to regularly using their smartphones and tablets whilst on the toilet — while 26% planned a to-do list whilst being intimate with their partner.

The study found 51% of men aged under 34 worry they are missing out on life experiences if they are not filling all of their time, with a quarter of all men questioned saying they try to find new ways to fit more and more into their busy lives.

UK: An enterprising farming couple believe they are the first to introduce the Himalayan yak to Britain.

Helen and Matthew Worth have imported the fearsome looking bovid, usually found on the Tibetan plateau, to the rolling fields of rural Cheshire.

Unlike domestic cattle, yaks can be left out in all weathers, happily dealing with temperatures as low as minus 40C.

They also sport 4ft-wide horns, are very nimble on their feet and are capable of jumping a five-bar gate.

USA: An elderly couple thrown out of a McDonald’s for “sitting too long” have been given free meals for life by another restaurant.

Carl Becker, 87, and his wife Barbara, 81, of Rixeyville, Virginia, were enjoying a mid-afternoon snack — called a “scrunch”, in between lunch and supper — when they were stopped by an employee cleaning up.

Ms Becker told WTTG Fox 5 that after this incident the manager approached.

“He says, ‘You two have to leave. Your half hour’s up and we have to clean this floor now’,” recalled the great- grandmother of 16.

The couple wrote a letter to their local newspaper and the story spread across social media. One of the people who saw the Beckers’ story was Shawn Moss, owner of Shawn’s Smokehouse BBQ in Culpeper, who offered the octogenarians free scrunch one day a week, for life.

As an apology, McDonald’s corporate offered the couple two free small coffees, but Ms Becker sent the coupons back.

FRANCE: A Banksy-inspired artist who doesn’t want to deface property is making his mark all over France.

Philippe Echaroux beams portraits onto landscapes in artworks that last only for a fleeting moment.

His haunting faces have been appearing on trees, buildings, harbour walls, and rock faces around the country.

USA: An unnamed Silicon Valley billionaire has purchased the world’s most valuable life insurance policy, worth $201m (€144m).

The man who cobbled the deal together said it took seven months and 19 insurance companies to put together a deal that surpasses a $100m policy sold to Hollywood mogul David Geffen in 1990.

“No one company can afford to take a $201m hit,” said Dovi Frances, the financial adviser who represents a “well- known billionaire”.

The Guinness Book of World Records announced the surpassing of Geffen’s record on Thursday.

Guinness officials spent about three months reviewing records, Mr Frances said.

Mr Frances is president of Santa Barbara-based SG LLC.

He said the tycoon wants to remain anonymous for two reasons: Privacy and keeping the news from his benefactors, adding: “He wants his next of kin to keep working hard.”

He said the annual premium is in “the low single digits of millions of dollars”.

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