Terrace Talk: Liverpool - Our high bar means hissy-fit nosebleeds for some fans

Terrace Talk: Liverpool - Our high bar means hissy-fit nosebleeds for some fans

Liverpool's Sadio Mane celebrates scoring his second goal. Photo: Michael Regan/NMC Pool/PA Wire. 

Maybe everyone can shut up about transfers now, or is that asking too much?

Last week’s defensive display hinted at lack of depth elsewhere, but it’s Thiago and Jota who’ve (temporarily) silenced the seething hordes.

There was an all-round team complacency against Leeds too, but it feels strange accusing them of thinking they’re great when they’re obviously pretty great, anyway.

Similar lapses against genuine contenders might not end so harmlessly, hence slight unease in the ranks. Thiago is quality and Jota’s had his moments. Are they enough to expect him to bloom, Salah-like, into an integral part of the team?

Who knows? On recent evidence, Klopp will feel confident of getting it right again. Then you watch Keita drift through another dozy hour and palpitate… It all added extra edge to an already tasty clash on Sunday. Klopp-Lampard is a thing now; not exactly Ali-Foreman, or even Benitez-Mourinho, but plenty of promise of future snarkiness.

It was easy to dismiss Fat Frank (still slimmer than most of us) and his July rant about Liverpool’s arrogance, Londoners being notoriously modest themselves.

Klopp received support for his spending comments, albeit from Reds who expect the words ‘net’ and ‘spend’ to quash all argument. Even after we’ve just been relieved of 70 million, there’d still be no respect for a Chelsea manager on the subject.

Comparisons are difficult. If we operated a la City, we wouldn’t need to sell Suarez, Coutinho and Sterling – a quarter of a billion raised, even before we add all the ‘small’ amounts.

That Klopp got us on top without chequebook excesses is admirable, commendable even, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

Pontificate all you want about doing it “the right way”, but Liverpool and United built themselves as institutions when it was possible for almost everybody to do so. In the 21st Century, not so much.

For all our pride in the way we went about it, I could opine in Southampton about City and Chelsea’s spending and probably get myself lynched.

Even worse, I remember how we behaved when linked with a takeover by Dubai. Scruples came cheaper, then. Most fans were eager to sell theirs for the price of a title or two.

We’ll sell a couple of players before the window closes, so presumably the entitled indignation will begin anew. It’s not so much about losing the likes of Shaqiri, Origi or even Brewster. It’s the principle… apparently. European Cups and League titles aren’t the mollifiers they once were.

After finding out about Fabinho at centre half, the grumblers were already in their starting blocks, particularly when he was initially isolated against Werner more than once.

Personally, I think Lovren should be properly replaced, mainly because Matip and Gomez can’t be trusted to stay fit, but the Brazilian looked the part albeit against weakened opposition for a whole half.

It’s not like Chelsea were that ambitious with eleven players, but once Mane punished them early, they weren’t going to threaten much.

Or so you’d have thought. Been saying this for ages; every opponent keeps going against Liverpool because they know without doubt we will offer them something.

It was a soft award, so it was a good time for Alisson to get into his penalty stride. Before yesterday, he may as well have stood by the post for all the good he’s been. Kepa’s like that for the whole game, in fairness.

It was Salah last week, Mane this, and while you have such firepower no game or situation is beyond them. Who knows when Firmino’ll get back to his best, but so far, they’ve managed without it.

This was Stamford Bridge after all, and three points are never to be sneered at. There’s always going to be a few unsettling moment. 

The bar’s been raised so high that some fans’ hissy-fit nosebleeds are to be expected but don’t forget just how lucky we are right now.

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